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Yes, this is not Parivaar but PariWar signifying a ‘War’ in the family. A brand new series that has released on Hotstar, interestingly with minimal promotions. But no new releases misses my radar now does it? So lets dig in straight to the review!

PariWar is the story of a father who fakes his health so that his children could visit him. His children are actually at loggerheads with each other who are only interested in his wealth. The story is not really novel, we have seen such dramas earlier too. But, it is the subtle humour that sets it apart. The screenplay wastes no time in getting to the point and is definitely entertaining. There are many light moments but not many that will tickle your funny bone. Rather, it is the conversations between the characters that are interesting to watch. The dialogues are alright – some are witty and funny while others fall a little flat. Director Sagar Bellary who is be known for the 2007 sleeper hit Bheja Fry, does a fairly decent job. To be hone, his job gets a little easy as he has a phenomenal cast on display.

This series has pulled off a casting coup of sorts. Abhishek Banerjee as Munna is excellent. His father essayed by Vijay Raaz is yet again outstanding. The man has an ability to convert simple lines into chuckling one liners. Gajraj Rao as Kashiram in a long haired wig is fir rate. His youngest daughter Guddan essayed by Nidhi Singh is so natural. Ranvir Shorey has a impeccable reak of comic timing and he is yet again bang on as Shishupal. His wife Anju played by Sadiya Siddiqui has her moments to shine. So does Anuritta Jha as Manju who is pretty good too. Yashpal Sharma as the eldest so Mahipal is a treat to watch. His interactions with Shishupal forms the fodder for this drama. A special mention to Kumar Varun(apna KV yaar) who is hilarious as Babloo.

PariWar is a wholesome family entertainer that falls in the bracket of Panchayat or Chaman Bahaar. It is light and entertaining. Available on Hotstar FOR FREE!

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