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Ek Mini Katha 2021 Telugu Comedy Movie Review

Ek Mini Katha Movie Review

Santhosh, a youth who is struggling with ‘Micro Penis Syndrome’ marries Amrutha in an unavoidable situation but continues to postpone their first night nuptials. He comes across a Godwoman who has a herbal medicine to address his problem.

Cinema Bandi 2021 Telugu Movie Review

Cinema Bandi Movie Review

When a driver finds an expensive camera in the back seat of his rickshaw, he comes up with a ridiculously ambitious plan to gather the village and make a film – a ticket to get their drought-hit village out of its dreary conditions.

11th Hour 2021 Telugu web series aha

11th Hour (2021) Telugu Web Series Review

Date of Release: 09 April 2021 Genre: Drama Language: Telugu Watch On: Aha 11th Hour RATING Introduction Review Text Coming Soon Story & Screenplay Review Text Coming Soon Dialogues, Music & Direction Review Text Coming Soon Performances Review Text Coming Soon Conclusion Review Text Coming Soon https://youtu.be/LK20kbpABCs