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Man of the Match 2022 Comedy Kannada Movie Review

Man of the Match Movie Review

Man of the Match Review- Amazon Prime Video. A Director calls for an audition and makes a movie out of it by creating conflicts between the artists who attend the audition.

Old Monk 2022 Comedy Romance Kannada Movie Review

Old Monk Movie Review – Quite Enjoyable And Good Fun!

Old Monk Review-Naaradha disturbs Krishna when he’s been making love. Hence Krishna punishes Naarada to live on earth as a normal human being. What happens after Naaradha lands on earth is a plot watch for.

KGF Chapter 1 2018 Action Thriller Kannada Movie Review

K.G.F (Chapter 1) Review

K.G.F (Chapter 1) Review- Amazon Prime. In the 1970s, a gangster goes undercover as a slave to assassinate the owner of a notorious gold mine.

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