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KGF Chapter 1 2018 Action Thriller Kannada Movie Review

K.G.F (Chapter 1) Review

K.G.F (Chapter 1) Review- Amazon Prime. In the 1970s, a gangster goes undercover as a slave to assassinate the owner of a notorious gold mine.

Apharan 2 2022 Action Crime Hindi Series Review

Apharan 2 Series Review – Entertainment Guaranteed!

Apharan 2 Review-Voot Select. This time the game is set not in India but in Serbia. Rudra Shrivastav a celebrated cop of the Indian Police is back on duty but things are worse at home; his beloved wife Ranjana has become addicted to drugs and Rudra finds it hard to create a work/home balance.

Ranjish Hi Sahi 2022 Hindi Series Review

Ranjish Hi Sahi Series Review

Shankar is a struggling director at Bollywood with big dreams of making a successful movie with a gripping story. He meets the famous actress Amna Parvez and tries to give her his number. Will Amna contact him? Watch the episode, on Voot Select!

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