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Midweek New Release Alert! A few years ago there was a scam that shook the nation. While there were many scams doing the rounds, this one was in the education sector called the Vyapam scam. Now I would not take up space to write about it and will leave you to google it instead, a movie based on the same theme called Halahal has released on Eros Now. Its trailer looked hard hitting and gritty. Is the movie as good, lets find out.

Halahal is the story of a father who is out to seek the truth behind the mysterious death of his daughter which was termed as a suicide. What follows opens a can of worms. Halahal is referred to the poison which Lord Shiva drank to prevent the spread of negativity in the world. And let me tell you that the movie is aptly named, its story is extremely gripping. The screenplay is taut. While it is a little slow to begin, it sets up pace nicely in the middle culminating in an intriguing yet shocking finale. The best part which I liked was that it was true to its nature, getting dark and murkier as the drama progressed without providing any respite to the audience. Yes, at times the drama did lack depth at certain places but it is extremely engaging and engrossing. The dialogues are wonderfully twisted. The writer of Gangs of Wasseypur, Zeishan Quadri and Gibran Noorani deserve distinction marks here. The BGM is pulsating and heightens the drama. Director Randeep Jha deserves a round of applause for a fantastic film.

Manu Rishi Chadha is excellent in a cameo. Sanya Bansal as Pooja has her moments to shine, so does Enab Khizra as Archana who has good screen presence. Anuradha Mukherjee as Nandini is a treat to watch, good acting! The stars of the show are Sachin Khedekar and Barun Sobti. The latter(returning after the stellar series Asur) as Yusuf, the corrupt cop who has a change of heart is outstanding. His catchy one liners are just nailed down and how! A very talented actor that I wish to watch in the future too. Sachin Khedekar as Shiv(cleverly given reference to Lord Shiva who drank the poison) is yet again outstanding. Each of his emotions are so beautifully portrayed that you can’t help but think that Bollywood has underutilized him. Great acting!

Halahal is dark and gritty and at the end it hits you exactly where it will hurt you the most! Available on Eros Now!

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