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Gold 2018 Sports Historic Hindi Movie Review

Gold Movie Review

Gold 2018 Movie Review-Youtube. The journey of a man who was instrumental in making India win its first Olympic gold medal as a free nation.

Samrat Prithviraj 2022 Historical Hindi Movie Review

Samrat Prithviraj Movie Review – Neither Engaging Nor Historically Accurate

Date of Release: 03 June 2022 Genre: Action, Drama, Historical Language: Hindi Watch On: Theatrical Samrat Prithviraj By- Farhad Dalal Facebook Instagram Rating Introduction Onto the next release of the weekend and I finished watching the new Hindi film Samrat Prithviraj starring Akshay Kumar. I am a fan of history and everytime when a historical …

Samrat Prithviraj Movie Review – Neither Engaging Nor Historically Accurate Read More »

Benedetta 2021 Biopic Historical French Movie Review

Benedetta Movie Review – A Twisted Religious Thriller

Benedetta Movie Review-A 17th-century nun in Italy suffers from disturbing religious and erotic visions. She is assisted by a companion, and the relationship between the two women develops into a romantic love affair.

Being the Ricardos 2021 Biopic English Movie Review

Being the Ricardos Movie Review

Being the Ricardos Review-Amazon Prime. Follows Lucy and Desi as they face a crisis that could end their careers and another that could end their marriage.