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Spencer 2021 Historical Fiction Psychological English Movie Review

Spencer Movie Review

The marriage between Princess Diana and Prince Charles has long since grown cold. Though rumors of affairs and a divorce abound, peace is ordained for the Christmas festivities at the queen’s estate.

Loki Season 1 2021 Disney Action English Series Review

Loki Season 1 Review

Loki, the God of Mischief, steps out of his brother’s shadow to embark on an adventure that takes place after the events of “Avengers: Endgame.”

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 2021 Series Review

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Review

Falcon and the Winter Soldier are a mismatched duo who team up for a global adventure that will test their survival skills — as well as their patience.

The Haunting of Hill House 2018 English Horror Series Review

The Haunting of Hill House Review

The Haunting of Hill House is an American supernatural horror drama television series created and directed by Mike Flanagan, produced by Amblin Television and Paramount Television, for Netflix, and serves as the first entry in The Haunting anthology series.

The Good Place 2016 Comedy Netflix Series Review

The Good Place Comedy Series Review

Seeking a fresh start, a nurse practitioner moves from Los Angeles to a remote Northern California town and is surprised by what — and who — she finds.

Lucifer 2016 English Horror Netflix Series Review

Lucifer Series Review

Lucifer Morningstar is one notoriously unique devil, yet an angel who rules Hell and resents his father’s approach to do things

The Originals 2013 English Horror Comedy Series Review

The Originals Season 1 Review

The Originals is an American supernatural drama television series created by Julie Plec for The CW. A spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, the series makes use of certain characters and story elements from the series of books of the same name.

Gone with the wind 1939 Romantic English Movie Review

Gone With The Wind Movie Review

Gone with the wind is a novel written by Margaret Mitchell, published in 1939. The book is centered around the American civil war with a love story thrown in and lots and lots of society drama.

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