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Kuttey 2023 Action Comedy Crime Hindi Movie Review

Kuttey Movie Review – A Fun Watch But Also A Missed Opportunity!

Kuttey Movie Review- A van carrying crores of cash. One rainy night in the outskirts of Mumbai. Unaware of each other, three stray gangs cross paths on the hunt. Unfortunately, all of them have the same plan. Will they bite the bone or will they lose to greed?

Mukundan Uni Associates 2022 Comedy Crime Malayalam Movie Review

Mukundan Unni Associates Movie Review – Deliciously Dark & Effing Brilliant!

Mukundan Unni Associates Movie Review- Watch on Disney+Hotstar. Advocate Mukundan Unni, played by Vineeth Sreenivasan wants to be successful and leaves no stone unturned to achieve growth, prosperity, and respect. But this steadfast nature aided with an ample dose of greed comes with a cost.

The Pale Blue Eye 2022 Crime Horror Mystery English Movie Review

The Pale Blue Eye Movie Review – A Timid Murder Mystery, A Huge Letdown!

Date of Release: 06 January 2023 Genre: Crime, Horror, Mystery Language: English Watch On: Netflix The Pale Blue Eye By- Farhad Dalal Facebook Instagram Rating Introduction It is still a Wednesday and only two days to go for the weekend but before that I thought of squeezing out a couple of films. First up, I …

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