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Saket Abhiram

Promare 2019 Anime Movie Review

Promare Movie Review

‘Promare’ just like many anime does a good job of never really spoon feeding the flames as a metaphor. Click Here To Read Full Movie Review.

Killing 2017 Japanese Thriller Movie Review

Killing Movie Review

Shinya Tsukamoto, mostly known for ‘Testuo’ (1989), is a famed Japanese auteur who is more than thirty-five years in and still seems to be sharply skilled. He is known for his raw, intense aesthetics in filmmaking. His most recent film ‘Killing’ is about a ‘ronin’

Raw 2017 Horror French Movie

Raw (2017) French Horror Movie Review

Raw is the story of Justine who is 16 years old and starts pursuing veterinary just like everyone in the family including her older sister at the same university

Violent 2014 Norwegian Movie Review

Violent Movie Review

Violent is about a young woman who is about to experience a catastrophe and we see the memories of her past flash by.

House of Tolerance 2011 French Movie

House of Tolerance Movie Review

At an elegant Parisian bordello at the dawn of the 20th century, exists a cloistered world of pleasure, pain, hope, rivalries, and most of all, slavery.

Kamome Diner 2006 Japanese Comedy Movie Review

Kamome Diner Review

Set in Finland, Kamome Diner is a slice of Sachie’s (played by Satomi Kobayashi) life. Sachie, living alone, has opened a diner in Helsinki to serve people some Japanese food.

Daughter of the Nile 1987 Chinese Movie Review

Daughter of the Nile Movie Review

Daughter of the Nile is directed by Hou Hsiao-hsien who is one of the leading filmmakers of the Taiwanese New wave movement that started in the early 1980s.

Videodrome 1987 Horror English Movie Review

Videodrome Movie Review

Videodrome is a sci-fi body horror film written and directed by the famed visionary Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg.

Beauty and the Beast 1979 Romantic Thriller Czech Movie Review

Beauty and the Beast Review

Julie, the daughter of a bankrupt banker, goes to Haunted Wood’s Castle and meets Netvor, a cursed man who wants to kill her. Julie’s beauty saves her, and her love for Netvor ends his curse

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