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About Featured Writers

Abhishek Venkitaraman Featured Writer

Abhishek K. Venkitaraman

Architect and an aspiring Environmentalist, history buff, movie buff and loves every form of Art.

Aishwarya Lakshmi Featured Writer

Aishwarya Lakshmi

A wannabe movie reviewer and a full time Audiologist, trying to balance the not so balanced life. Attempting to be the Jack of different trades and Master of one!

Akash Kumar Saha

Akash Kumar Saha

A cinephile who loves to break the first rule of Fight Club. When I’m not busy searching for Dark Matter as part of my research, I’m probably looking for movies to watch. Always up for exploring different genres.

Featured Popcorn Reviewss

Amartya Acharya

Self proclaimed cinephile, comic book nerd; trying to watch every media and read everything in existence and realizing that the journey is more important than the overall conclusion.

Anisha Roy Featured Writer

Anisha Roy

I am an Intern Doctor in a government college of West Bengal. Watching movies and writing about them is one of the best things I had discovered for myself and I thoroughly enjoy doing it.

Anjuli Patel Featured Writer

Anjuli Patel

An IT professional with creative mind. I am fond of dancing, singing and cooking, and I love reading, listening and telling stories. Some genres which I am most interested are mystery, romantic comedy and drama.

Arko Bhaumik Featured Writers

Arko Bhaumik

Hey there! I am a night owl drawn to dark fiction. When I’m not scribbling and struggling with equations on a whiteboard as part of my work, I’m probably lurking deep in scary story forums and podcasts (NoSleep, anyone?) or fishing for latest horror/thriller arrivals on OTT platforms. I love to explore the vivid shades of grey behind the apparently black facade of such genres – so that’s what you’ll most likely find me doing here! 

Apart from these dark predilections, I’m an avid gamer and a mountain lover who has spent far too long at home. Cats like me – so I guess I’m a good person!


Arpita Mukherjee

Thirty Years old , alive and beautiful woman, who loves so many things in life like dancing , Singing, watching series ,movies and documentaries, Writing life experiences, Traveling new places , cooking new dishes and a Software Engineer by Profession.

Ashish Mehta Featured Writers

Ashish Mehta

Making PowerPoint presentations by day, and day dreaming by night. An avid Bollywood buff who enjoys Quizzing (and losing in some of them, because bade bade deshon mein aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hain). 

A middle class Parsi girl from South Bombay (yes, we exist), I pride myself in being a staunch Bombayite. Mumbai is a city, Bombay is an emotion. And yes, I can kill at jam sessions, starting with my rendition of Zara Zara.

Carlos Luis Featured Writer

Carlos Luis

Basically a researcher of ideas, likes to write about technology, morality, art, literature, and movies. Currently feelancing for the ‘Gomantak Times’ and ‘High on Films’ online portals.


Chaitali Kshirsagar

I am avid movie buff with interest in all kinds of genre. I personally like movies that are mind bending and twisting, compelling me to draw a perspective on life beyond what is routine to most of us. I like to dissect characters that are uncommon, unique and brings value to me personally and to society.

Cinephile Sanket Feature Writer

Cinephile Sanket

I am a Cinephile, who watches all kinds of film across all genres. I have been attending Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival for the last 3 years and discovering many kinds of movies from various countries.

Deepti Upadhyay Featured Writer

Deepti Upadhyay

Mainstream IT employee, Mumbaikar/Pahadi, full time Bollywood Buff, Shudh Desi

Dhvani Damani Featured Writer

Dhvani Damani

I am a passionate,motivated and research oriented professional with a strong commitment of promoting sustainable development through environmental education and strategic planning.

Disha Karnad Featured Writers

Disha Karnad

Do you have that one friend who ruins your favorite movie or show by dissecting it to bits and pointing it out all the unfortunate implications it has? No? Well lucky for you, I’m here! Overanalyzing media is the only way to watch it, because of the profound effect it has on society. So, whether it be the writing or the execution, I love to breakdown everything I watch to do justice to the work (or lack thereof) that was put in to making it. I love doing this so much that I even have a dedicated channel on Youtube, so check it out sometime.

Disha Victor Featured Writer

Disha Victor

Definitely not a writer. A dog lover and lately being a couch potato, all thanks to the pandemic.

Gargi Vyas Featured Writer

Gargi Vyas

Currently I am a freelancer content writer. During my free time, I love to write reviews for movies and web series because I am an addictive binge watcher. Love to follow my passion and work smartly for it. I did my bachelor and master’s in mechanical engineering from Rajasthan Technical University. Started working as lecturer in Bikaner Engineering Colleges, Rajasthan and later as an assistant professor on contract basis in Delhi Engineering Colleges, but due to pandemic suffered some work crisis. I have more than 5 years of experience in teaching. So utilizing my time by following my passion and writing reviews. Got an oppurtunity to write reviews for popcornreviewss.com and verse myself in this area. I strongly believe in the theory of continuous learning and skill development. Work oriented, multi tasking with an ability to work well under deadlines and time.

Harbhagwan Rohra Featured Writer

Harbhagwan Rohra

I love writing short stories, love writing about Hindi and Telugu movies. Watching movies and reading travel books is my passion.


Himanshi Chatwani

I am an anchor for corporate, celebrity and sports events since the last decade having hosted more than 2000 shows for some of the biggest brands of the world with famous personalities like Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Salman Khan, MS Dhoni, Sushant Singh Rajput, Rana Daggubati, Sonu Sood, Aayushman Khurrana, Vidya Balan, Rahul Dravid, Kapil Dev & more. I have been the official emcee for multiple sports leagues like the IPL, ISL, PBL, T20 Mumbai. Travel has always been a way of life & I’ve been lucky to have travelled to 48 countries for work & otherwise. I prefer staying at home in my free time, reading, cooking or writing articles. I believe in putting any talent to use for the betterment of people & society. For the same I curated an initiative called No One Sleeps Hungry in the 2020 lockdown & raised 5 lakhs in a month towards the fundraiser where I managed to distribute rations to NGO’s & about a 1000 families. I strongly believe in a quote my mother has always told me which says that ‘Your network is your true Net Worth’.

Juhi Shah Featured Writers

Juhi Shah

Family, Friends, Films, Food & Farvanu! The perfect combo and the perfect day! Puzzles and stories in any shape and form, has always been what I’ve loved. This is what kickstarted my love for movies. I’m a fan of English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu movies as of now! Always ready to expand into more languages 😁 Just hate sad endings and really scared by horror (but supremely curious about the stories none the less).


Kayomarz Daruwala

A sports analyst who is a big movie buff. Yes, I haven’t watched it all but wish to watch as many.
Rishte mein toh hum tumhare baap lagte hai..naam hai Muqaddar ka Sikandar. Mogambo khush hua bola I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse. Jawab aya, Are you talking to me? Suar ke baccho, khopdi tod saale ka!! Haar ke jeetne wale ko, I am Groot! Here’s looking at you kid, go ahead make my day, tum humko 3 guna lagaan dega. Say Hello to my little friend, ae Kancha saala banduk bhi dikhata hai aur piche bhi hatta hai…haaiiii!! Bade bade shehro mein aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hai, Mr. Robinson you’re trying to seduce me. Aren’t you? Here’s Johnny and jo darr gaya samjho mar gaya.
So this, right here, this is about me where cinema stays in me.

Kunjal Thakkar Featured Writer

Kunjal Thakkar

I’m a writer. I love to write. I love to learn, explore new things

Lopa K Featured Reviews


Lopa is a writer and editor with a penchant for daydreaming about what she should be writing instead of actually writing it. Instead of liking something like your average person, her current obsession (until she ends up hating it) is 60s dystopic science-fiction which seems closer to reality every day.


Neha Unadkat

I am a Consultant by profession and Cinephile by choice. My favourite pass time is actually watching movies and series. I can be hooked up to tv 24*7 without getting bored or even feeling a need to socialize with someone other than virtual people. I do breakfast with Netflix, lunch with Hotstar and Dinner with Amazon Prime.

Mariyam Kazi Featured Writers

Mariyam Kazi

Trying not to lose touch of writing. 

Power yoga is a messiah in disguise. 

Surviving with the help of skincare, detox, intermittent fasting, painkillers, caffeine, tomato juice, self-love and other drugs. 

Constantly struggling to make time for a social life while I’m young before flying taxes my body. 

Cruising altitude is home. 



Nidhi Sahani

Born and raised in Kuwait, I never let geography come in the way of my love for Bollywood. I love films as well as the whole process of filmmaking and entertainment, which is why I started my own platform in 2018 called “Popcorn Pixel” which aims to bring together cinema-enthusiasts like myself. Besides films I love to write fiction, try new cuisines and dream about learning skydiving and horse-riding (hopefully I’ll get around to it someday !)


Parul Jain

Parul as she rightly says, is an explorer of happiness. She believes in doing only those things which makes her happy which includes but is not limited to creativity, painting, travelling, blogging, reviewing. She is a food lover and writes reviews of pure veg restaurants.

When comes to entertainment choice of genres includes the one based on survival, self-reliance, eroticism and competitions.

Preeti Goel Featured Writer

Preeti Goel

“We are all stories in the end, let’s be a good one”.
Hi there!

I am a full time Learning consultant and a part time writer who also loves reading and traveling. My journey with writing started subconsciously before it could be a reality on paper. I woke up one Saturday and just started writing (it’s true) and haven’t stopped since. Of course, I am still finding myself and writing provides a solace in the chaos. I now write short stories, poetry, and latest movie reviews! Catch me on medium.

Personally, I am a social introvert and love engaging in conversations about ideas, places, or history. Some recent changes in lifestyle have moved me towards fitness and mindfulness. I try to be better than yesterday each day and I wish years later if people remember me, ‘They smile and say, oh she was a good one’. I am a feeler and perform all things from my heart rather than brain. A simple soul who takes pleasure in both simple and grand schemes of life. Not a planner and allow life to take me places!
I believe in this song, “I am the hero of the story. Don’t need to be saved”.

Priyadarshan Maity Featured Writer

Priyadarshan Maity

Hello, my name is Priyadarshan Maity, I am a cinephile and artist, it is my passion to support films and filmmakers who create such beautiful and fantastical worlds, and would become a filmmaker myself. Thank you

Puja Miri Yajnik Featured Writers

Puja Miri Yajnik

Puja Miri Yajnik grew up in the small hill town of Shillong in the northeast of India. Unsurprisingly, she excelled in the subject of English at school; this resulted in her taking an early interest in fiction writing, with a particular fondness for historical romances. Thus, she has been writing novels and short stories for many years, her previous work including ‘Two Friends: Cloudy and Windy’, ‘The Curse of the Winwoods’ and ‘My Strange Duke’. In addition to her aptitude for English, she possesses a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, thus giving her a deep understanding of the human mind which she consistently applies when writing her characters. Having lived in both India and the United Kingdom, she possesses an extensive knowledge of both cultures and often incorporates said knowledge into her works. From the sparsely populated tranquility of Shillong to the hustle and bustle of London, she has truly seen all sorts of environments, thus inspiring her to merge them together in romantic tales of travel, friendship, love, mystery and self-discovery.

Ruchika Trivedi Featured Writers

Ruchika Trivedi

I am a happy soul, with a nostalgic heart and I love new Stories…

Rumana Myageri Featured Writer

Rumana Myageri

Rumana Myageri is an Architect by profession and a writer by passion. She has published travel articles in India in the past and has been the winner of the Scholastic short story regional award. An avid reader, she also loves traveling, the great outdoors and photography. She’s a fitness and martial arts enthusiast and currently holds a brown belt in Shotokan Karate. Rumana lives in Lititz, PA with her rescue pup, Momo.

Sadiq Suleman Featured Writer

Sadiq Suleman

I am a passionate film fan who enjoys cinema from different parts of the world. If you’re talking about someone that knows every movie you describe by naming that one scene or a few actors along with the plot, that’s how I describe myself.


Saket Abhiram

Hi everyone!
I am Saket. Indian at heart. I’m currently living in Germany, studying computational engineering to get my master’s degree. I like to spend my weekends traveling across Germany or Europe with my friends. Discovering new food, castles and random short hiking trails is always fun with friends around. When I am by myself, I watch anime, films and listen to music most of the time. I like to read art-associated blogs, articles online and follow podcasts on YouTube. They always help me learn to notice details I otherwise would not because of my non-arts background. A little bit of gaming and tech enthusiast if time allows. And of course, writing here is a great outlet to share what I love (and sometimes don’t love) to anyone looking beyond mainstream cinema. If you like my recommendations feel free to write me on social media for extended conversations and coffee!


Salonee Thakkar

A CA Aspirant, an avid reader who loves to play with words which made me a content writer and copywriter, also a binge watcher, foodie and one who loves to travel

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-03 at 11.30.36 AM - Sana Patel

Sana Patel

I am a professional working in the field of Acquiring films. I also have a food channel on YouTube. I am talkative, curious, impatient and therefore usually finish watching most of the series in a day or two. I am one of those who have grown up watching Ekta Kapoor shows and no regret honestly. I appreciate her for her exceptional entrepreneur skills. I still sometimes watch daily soaps. Love binge watching Korean shows and Pakistani dramas. Exploring the South Indian film industry off lately and completely in love with the cinema produced down there. My job requires me to have in depth knowledge about cinema in general and I am extremely passionate about my work. My favorite show is FRIENDS. I take it personally if someone dislikes that show. Like, common bitch lets fight!! Also, an avid reader. My favorite authors are Khalid Hosseni, Nicholas Sparks, Jane Eyre, Sidney Sheldon and Dan Brown. My favorite novels are The kite Runner and Gone with the Wind. The films that I have enjoyed the most are Pursuit of Happiness, A walk to remember, Avengers End Game (don’t judge) and most of Amir Khan’s film post 2000. Thought provoking cinema is something I am always inclined to watch. Off lately in love with Malayalam cinema and huge admirer of Fahad Fassil.

Shanku Sharma Featured Writers

Shanku Sharma

I am a film-buff, writer and journalist. I love watching movies and reading books on cinema.

Shraddha Dedhia Featured Writers

Shraddha Dedhia

An ardent movie lover, I am grown up watching movies. Initially it was all Bollywood, but gradually, I started loving regional movies too !!! Dancing with a saree at Switzerland or doing a Kaho Na Pyaar hai at the Maldives beach are some crazy stuffs I ve done as a Bollywood Lover 🤩 

I ve also written write-ups like – Financial Lessons from Bollywood Movies !!

Shruti Vijaya Padmakar Featured Writer

Shruti Vijaya Padmakar

Hindustani Classical Vocalist and Music Instructor. Passionate about regional music and cinema.


Shreya Agrawal

Lives a creative Life| in the world of brands| as a marketeer| for the business and the customers
Traveler and Musafir for life; Creative; Passionate about advertisement and marketing; Extreme lover of coffee, Golden Indian Cinema and Theatre Art
Belief: Life is to serve Humanity hence, As a brand, create a better world for the customers. I believe all stories are inspired by real life sprinkled with a bit of imagination!


Sneha Bhat

Professionally, I work on ways to make things go faster. But in real life I like to take it slow. A very good listener. Fun and a wee bit crazy. Hater of small talk. I love reading (most friction) and writing and ofcourse watching movies and series. Writing helps me unwind and gives me a medium to vent out many a thoughts inside my Aquarian mind. I write about everything and nothing (and sometimes reviews). I write because I have promised myself to keep this little writer alive in me.


Sneha Chakraborty

Hello ! I am marketing video producer by profession and full time filmy keeda. I love watching and reading about movies.

Srijita Acharyya Featured Writers

Srijita Acharyya

Hi there! This hodophile by nature and a lover of literature is trying to pen down the watching experiences which she has loved to pieces! Hope you connect with them as well while reading! Happy scrolling 😊

Srijita Biswas Featured Writer

Srijita Biswas

Hey there! Have you ever turned on the TV and asked that million dollar question “What should I watch?” I know I do. So I at times I resort to reviews and opinions to decide upon what to watch and at others I simply close my eyes and randomly select something. Those random choices, I tell you, become the ones I end up loving the most. And now I am here to tell you about the one’s I watched and those that I loved. I hope you find as much joy as I did watching them and then writing about them. Happy Browsing! 



Stuti Agrawal

I have keen interest in cooking and completed my graduation in hotel management. I love binge watching movies and series. I like to play badminton. And currently I am pursuing my MBA.

Tabassum Choudhury Featured Writer

Tabassum Mateen

I’m a multi-tasking extrovert and a foodie, and a champion public speaker who loves travelling, reading investigative fiction, writing, experimental baking and cooking, volunteering and watching thrillers and whodunits. I try to dream so big that even my failures are talked about. 🙂


Taniyaa Mehta

I love cinema so much that I ended up vlogging about it

Tanvi Shah Featured Writers

Tanvi Shah

A dancer turned psychologist ,always looking at the brighter side in life and ready to take up any challenges coming on the way. Public speaking, being confident and a having a positive attitude towards everything are my core strengths. Quite ambitious and full of life.

Thrity Dalal Featured Reviews

Thrity Dalal

A C.A. by profession. Also a film lover. I am open to watch all kinds of good films, web series, documentaries, etc irrespective of language or genre.

Tiasa Mukherjee Featured Writer

Tiasa Mukherjee

I am basically a Bookaholic person, books serve as an escape from reality when I need one. I love to explore new places. I love painting , I can express my emotions through colors.

Vaibhavi Shah Featured Writer

Vaibhavi Shah

I Work as a banking professional but a movie enthusiast at heart. While I enjoying occasional no brainer movies, it is the thrillers that keep my adrenaline pumped! Love to travel and try out new food!

Valeren Mathew Featured Review

Val M

An ambivert on the best of days, an introvert otherwise. I am someone with a proclivity for reading, binge watching or listening to music. I have an interest in various genres of films and tv shows and I am someone who finds something worth thinking over almost all of the time I watch something. Even though I do not know many languages, I find interest in watching a lot of international content in languages like French, Korean, German, Chinese, Thai, Spanish and many more languages alongside regional content mainly in Hindi and Marathi.

Vishesh Jaiswal Featured Writer

Vishesh Jaiswal

Armchair philosopher, watcher of the movies, devourer of the series. Also, I’m Batman.

Zussette Aplaon Featured Writers

Zussette Aplaon

Zu is from the beautiful island of Mindoro, Philippines. She is a Mathematics Professor at the sole state university in the island. Aside from her family, Zu loves three things – cinema, coffee, and mathematics. She grew up watching local and Hollywood films. Before, she selected film because for its entertainment value but as she aged she learned to prefer movies with aesthetic value and social commentary. During lockdown she indulge into Korean cinema and had watched many Korean movies and drama series. Korean cinema had helped her overcome boredom and stress brought by the abrupt change in the environment and on her field of work. She started to write lazy reviews then gradually writing detailed ones. Though she had been writing academic articles and had published some of them, film review is totally a different thing. Since, she enjoys watching movies and she wanted to develop her writing skills, she decided to write film reviews. Zu had no particular favorite genre but she has a soft spot for art house and independent films.

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