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Dagdi Chawl 2 2022 Crime Marathi Movie Review

Dagdi Chawl 2 Movie Review – A Half Baked Follow-Up To The Original

Date of Release: 19 August 2022 Genre: Crime, Drama Language: Marathi Watch On: Amazon Prime Video Dagdi Chawl 2 By- Farhad Dalal Facebook Instagram Rating Introduction Onto the next release of the weekend and I have finished watching the new Marathi film Dagdi Chawl 2 streaming on Amazon Prime which is the sequel to the …

Dagdi Chawl 2 Movie Review – A Half Baked Follow-Up To The Original Read More »

Imago 2018 Marathi Movie Review

Imago Movie Review

Imago Movie-A teen with vitiligo struggles with self-doubt and anxiety until a new schoolteacher sees her through a different lens, and urges her to do the same.

Jhimma 2021 Marathi Movie Reviews

Jhimma Movie Review

Jhimma Reviews- Amazon Prime Video. ‘Jhimma’ is a story about 7 women from different age groups and different socio -cultural backgrounds coming together on a vacation to the Great Britain with a tour company for 10 days.

Zombivli 2022 Comedy Horror Marathi Movie Review

Zombivli Movie Review

Zombivli Marathi Movie Review- In the suburban city of Mumbai i.e. Dombivli an outrage of deadly virus breaks up and our protagonist with the help of his friends or people he just met during the outrageous event try to survive.

Karkhanisanchi Waari 2021 Comedy Marathi Movie Review

Karkhanisanchi Waari Movie Review

Karkhanis family is the last joint family in Pune. When the eldest brother, Purushottam passes away, it is his last wish that his ashes be scattered in 3 different locations – the ancestral house, the family farm and the Chandrabhaga river in Pandharpur.

Bali 2021 Marathi Horror Movie Review

Bali Movie Review

Bali is about the life of a middle class, widowed father, Shrikant that takes an unexpected turn when his seven year old Son, Mandar collapses and is referred to Jansanjeevani Hospital for a detailed diagnosis.

Chumbak 2021 Marathi Movie Review

Chumbak Movie Review

Chumbak is a coming-of-age story of a 15year old table-cleaning-waiter-boy Baalu and his chance encounter with a 45 year old mentally slow man Prasanna that forces him to make a choice between his dreams and morality.