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Luv Ni Love Storys Revisited

Luv Ni Love Story’s Revisited

Luv Ni Love Story’s Revisited By- Neha Unadkat Facebook Instagram I am sure alot of you can relate to the title. I recently came across a movie which depicts the same feeling. Generally I watch a lot of movies and series and sometimes I do like to remember the nostalgia days when I used to …

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Dear Father 2022 Comedy Crime Gujarati Movie Review

Dear Father Movie Review – Stupendous Performances Nullified In An Insipid Drama

Date of Release: 04 March 2022 Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama Language: Gujarati Watch On: Theatres Only Dear Father RATING Introduction In a surprise move, I headed to a theatre nearby to watch the Gujarati film Dear Father. The film is in its second week and has been in the news for Paresh Rawal returning to …

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Dhummas 2021 Suspense Thriller Gujarati Movie Review

Dhummas Movie Review

Dhummas highlights the irony that the most insidious forms of patriarchy is passed down through the female members. It is with the emergence of the newfound self by women, which shakes the foundations of the patriarchal frameworks.

Gujarat 11

Date of Release: 29 November 2019 Genre: Drama, Sports Language: Gujarati GUJARAT 11 RATING If I were to ask you, which are the iconic sports dramas produced in our country, a few names that would pop up are Lagaan and Chak De India. What makes these movies iconic is striking a chord with the audiences …

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Hellaro 2019 Gujarati Movie Review

Hellaro Review

Hellaro revolves around the scarcity of water in the village and the superstition revolving around it and the women residing in this small village.

reva 2018 gujarati drama movie

Reva (2018) Hindi Movie Review

Reva follows the story of Karan who has to travel to a Ashram along the banks of the river Narmada in order to get an NOC from the trustees…

Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye 2017 Gujarati Movie Review

Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye Review

Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye depicts about the story it revolves around. It’s about overcoming the deep dark fears of our conscious and subconscious mind.