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Gone with the wind 1939 Romantic English Movie Review

Gone With The Wind

Sneha Bhat
4.5 Star popcorn reviewss

Gone with the wind is a novel written by Margaret Mitchell, published in 1939. The book is centered around the American civil war with a love story thrown in and lots and lots of society drama. Gone with the wind movie, is easily the best book-inspired-movie ever made. In a duration of 4 hours the makers have tried their level best to fit in as many important milestones as possible.

The movie starts very slow paced, just like a typical southern day showing beautiful views of the cotton plantations. There are endless parties, barbecues,  balls,  ice teas. Ladies with clinched waists, big flowy dresses and pretty bonnets – fluttering their eyes to catch the perfect beau. Declaration of war dampens the spirits, when suddenly all eligible men go to war and ladies are left behind to nurse the wounded and raise funds. Sudden poverty, death and destruction brings about a change in the laidback southern life. Will the south rise again and how will the war affect the protagonists is what will capture and glue you to the screen for 4 hours.

There is just so much to learn from this saga apart from lessons in history – perseverance, the love for home, starting up from scratch, the pain of hunger, the ruthlessness of wars, the damn Yankees, and the dreamy Rhett Butler ( played by the very very handsome Clark Gable). But none of this matches the love I have for the Ultimate Queen of Sass – Miss Scarlett O’ Hara. The scandalous, un-heroine, manipulative belle with zero fucks to give. I find Scarlett’s character like a breath of fresh air amid the overtly proper and sacrificing ladies. Considering the time and era, it is undoubtedly the most progressive and remarkable character ever written. Played with equal aplomb by Vivienne Leigh. Out of so many things to love about Scarlett, let’s go through some that make her so adorable and different from the crop of Miss-Goodie-Two-Shoes protagonists we are so used to. 

Making the first move: 

Now this is something which is still very touché. Should a girl make the first move or not? Well Scarlett did not give a damn and made her feelings very clear and demanded a reciprocation. She was snubbed and humiliated no doubt but at least she had the guts to try and find the truth. 

Dance Dance baby: 

Women are always taught to behave in a proper manner and never be overly enthusiastic about anything in public. Scarlett pretty much did not care about this rule when she danced away with Rhett Butler at the benefit to organize funds for the war. The fact that she is a recent widow did not cross her mind but she left others at Atlanta pretty shell shocked with her stunt, especially poor Auntie Pittypat (cutest auntie ever!) who had to be revived with smelling salts. 

The love for Tara: 

The Irish blood from her father gave Scarlett a very strong love for her land. She did whatever possible to retain Tara with the O’Hara family. Also made sure to feed hungry mouths by taking charge of working in the cotton fields herself. She had to let go of vanity by exposing herself to sun and blisters. She even went to the extent of stealing her sisters’ beau so that she could extract money to pay off taxes for her beloved home, Tara.

Curtains Down: 

Desperate for money, she wanted to make an impression and flirt her way into Rhett’s heart. With all her luxurious stuff gone she got an idea to make a dress out of deep green velvet curtains. Which was questionable but the result was very good. No two ways, there is just no one on this planet who would look as gorgeous as Scarlett in the iconic curtain dress. 


Clearly a definition of women of substance. Scarlett O’ Hara was not just about ball gowns and bonnets. She showed immense steak of strength when she acted as a nurse to those wounded in war. When she delivered Melanie’s baby without any help. When she took charge of Tara household after her mother died. When she started a business on her own. And I almost forgot, she also killed a Yankee. Well, Melanie pulled the trigger but she got the power from Scarlett. 


Before you all go Whaaaat?!!? Behind the shrewd, manipulative and mean persona there is a very tiny brink of Kindness. She always treats the darkies well. She even gifted her father’s gold pocket watch to Pork. Trusted Mammy more than her own sisters.  

Back to business: 

In her resolve to never go hungry again, Scarlett rather than sit around waiting for her husband to get money got to her feet. Since after the war construction was at its peak, she decided to start a lumber business and made sure it flourished. Her going about alone to the workshop, negotiation deals with strange men and hiring ex-convicts as her employers made her the talk of town (not in a good way). But as long as her business was successful she never looked back. Too bad her husband number 2 has to die taking revenge for the attempted molestation on her. But then he gave way to husband number 3 – everyone’s favorite Rhett Butler so yeah! 

Got it, flaunt it: 

When she married Rhett and had all the riches of the world, she did not hide her glee. She made it a point to build a big house, decorate it lavishly and most importantly rub it in people’s faces. She made it very clear when she told Rhett – “I want everybody who’s been mean to me to be pea-green with envy.”

Gone with the wind is not a movie, it is an emotion which can only be felt when you just give yourself in to this piece of history and beauty. Trust me, you will not come out of this movie without learning a thing or two. 

Just want to end the review by saying – tomorrow’s another day and the South WILL rise!

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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