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City Lights 1931 English Romance Comedy Movie Review

City Lights

Kayomarz Daruwala
4.5 Star popcorn reviewss

Since our childhood we are used to different sounds and voices. We have grown through the times where hearing and listening to something and then reacting accordingly, is the thing. Cinema has evolved with times and ages. From moving frames to 3d animations and from silent era to different layers of sounds.

Just 3 years into the introduction of sound in cinema, a movie that came out and maintained the no-talk silent zone film was the Maestro, Charlie Chaplin’s ‘City Lights’ (1931). This movie was his last project with no voiceovers and just background music (composed by Charlie Chaplin). It is considered to be a romantic plus comedy film but this movie has it all. From socio-political commentary to melodramatic scenes and to add on slapstick comedy as well.

The film is about Little Tramp (Charlie) who is a kinda nobody and one night he meets a rich man who’s an alcoholic (Harry Myers). He considers Tramp his friend and asks him to come along at his bungalow and does all the chores for him. He treats him like his family and shelters him with all the luxury. Tramp enjoys the respect and the treatment but as soon as sun rises and hangover dips to conscious mind, Tramp is thrown out of the bungalow and is again treated as nobody. This goes on for almost throughout the film and this template has been used in so many films made after this.

Tramp is a person who’s always the wrong guy at big occasions. He is someone who can mess up even if everything is fixed with the perfect screwdriver. But during all his life-chaos he comes across a flower seller, who’s a blind girl (Virginia Cherill) and he instantly falls for her. All his purpose was to make her happy and to make her feel special. A sweet bond with showers of cute moments are portrayed and shown between Tramp and her. He even goes to an extent where he arranges money for her eye treatment and in this course there’s a lot happening. The climax is one of the most heartfelt scene ever. A reveal here will spoil the emotional turmoil that will hit when one watches it.

City lights is a silent film with background music but the soul of this film talks louder than many other sound movies. It has those beats that not only pump but they do make you feel beautiful. A must watch for all the cinema and life lovers!

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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