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Ottu 2022 Action Thriller Malayalam Movie Review

Ottu Movie Review

Ottu Movie Review- Watch on Prime Video. Kichu, an idle guy dreams of making easy money. He is offered an odd job of befriending a strange man called David, who has lost his memory.

Oru Thekkan Thallu Case 2022 Malayalam Movie Review

Oru Thekkan Thallu Case Movie Review

Oru Thekkan Thallu Case Movie Review- Watch on Netflix. Things take a turn as dramatic events unfold after a crime was committed in a village and as the culprit is sought after.

Sundari Gardens 2022 Malayalam Movie Review

Sundari Gardens Movie Review – Felt Like A Long & Warm Embrace!

Sundari Gardens Review- Sundari Sara Mathews, popularly known as Suma, meets Victor, the school’s new English teacher and falls for him. However, before expressing her feelings to him, another teacher, Lekha, asks him out and he accepts, leaving Suma heartbroken.

Heaven 2022 Crime Mystery Thriller Malayalam Movie Review

Heaven Movie Review – A Compelling Thriller!

Heaven 2022 Malayalam Movie Review- Circle Inspector of Police, Peter Kurishinkal is a stoic and taciturn officer, who prefers brain over brawn to solve his cases. His world is brought upside down when he is assigned a sensational case of homicide.