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Dhoomam 2023 Action Adventure Malayalam Movie Review

Dhoomam Movie Review

Dhoomam Movie Review- The film is a psychological thriller that explores the themes of identity, memory, and perception. It follows the story of a man who wakes up with no memory of his past and is forced to piece together his identity. As he does so, he uncovers a dark secret that threatens to destroy him.

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Dhummas 2021 Suspense Thriller Gujarati Movie Review

Dhummas Movie Review

Dhummas highlights the irony that the most insidious forms of patriarchy is passed down through the female members. It is with the emergence of the newfound self by women, which shakes the foundations of the patriarchal frameworks.

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Net 2021 Telugu Suspense Movie Review

Net Movie Review

This ZEE5 Original film revolves around Laxman and Priya, who find themselves trapped in a complex situation after Laxman signs up with an online surveillance agency to gain access to Priya’s personal life.

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Sweet Tooth 2021 English Mystery Movie Review

Sweet Tooth Series Review

Based on a DC comic series of the same title, Sweet Tooth is a 2021 Netflix Short Series that narrates the story of a young animal-human mutant (hybrid) boy Gus (aka Sweet Tooth) and his adventures with Big Man (aka Tommy Jeppard) to find his mother, Birdie.

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