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Fursat 2023 Musical Romance Hindi Short Film Review

Fursat Movie Review

Fursat Short Film Review- Watch on Disney+Hotstar. A young man unearths an ancient relic that lets him peek into the future. In his obsession to control what lies ahead, he risks losing all that matters most in the present.

Elvis 2022 Biopic Musical English Movie Review

Elvis Movie Review – A Dazzling Chronicle Of An Immortal Icon!

Elvis Movie Review- Watch on Amazon Prime Video. The life of American music icon Elvis Presley, from his childhood to becoming a rock and movie star in the 1950s while maintaining a complex relationship with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

Reliving the Music of Aga Bai Arecha

Reliving the Music of Aga Bai Arecha

Released in the era of CDs and MP3s, the music and songs of Aga Bai Arecha made me believe in the magic of Ajay-Atul: Shruti Dedhia

West Side Story 2021 Musical Romance English Movie Review

West Side Story Movie Review : A Brilliant Musical Tragedy

West Side Story Movie Review – Disney+Hotstar. An adaptation of the 1957 musical, West Side Story explores forbidden love and the rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks, two teenage street gangs of different ethnic backgrounds.

Hridayam 2022 Musical Romance Malayalam Movie Review

Hridayam Movie Review – A Brilliant Coming Of Age Story That Felt So Personal All Along

Date of Release: 21 January 2022 Genre: Drama, Musical, Romance Language: Malayalam Watch On: Disney + Hotstar Hridayam RATING Introduction And it is finally here! Hridayam is out on Hotstar! Right from its theatrical release I heard many good things about the film. And while I resisted and keen awaited its OTT release, I had …

Hridayam Movie Review – A Brilliant Coming Of Age Story That Felt So Personal All Along Read More »

Encanto 2021 Musical Comedy English Movie Review

Encanto Movie Review

Encanto is about a young Colombian girl has to face the frustration of being the only member of her family without magical powers.

10 years of Rockstar Revisiting the uncut gem

10 years of Rockstar : Revisiting the uncut gem

Imtiaz Ali is a versatile creator. In his widely celebrated filmography we have both massive hits like Jab We Met (2007) and underrated pieces like Highway (2014). In 2011 came the much anticipated Rockstar with Ranbir in the lead.

Sex Education 2019 English Comedy Series Review

Sex Education S3 – 6 Unconventional Moments which went right!

I wish to write about a few specific moments from the series which stayed with me longer than I expected, mostly because how unconventionally these novel concepts were dealt with. And some, for their pristine heartwarming effect which keeps on lingering long after the end credits have rolled.

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