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Top International Movies of 2022

Top International Movies of 2022

Top English Movies of 2022, ranked by Popcorn Reviewss. The updated list contains Top English Movies one should must watch.

The Legend of Maula Jatt 2022 Action Fantasy Punjabi Movie Review

The Legend of Maula Jatt Movie Review

The Legend of Maula Jatt Movie Review-Maula Jatt, a fierce prizefighter with a tortured past seeks vengeance against his arch nemesis Noori Natt, the most feared warrior in the land of Punjab.

Saunkan Saunkne 2022 Comedy Romance Punjabi Movie Review

Saunkan Saunkne Review

Saunkan Saunkne Punjabi Review- A couple married for more than 6 years loses hope for a child. On insistence of his wife he marries her sister. Shortly small squabbles between the two wives lead to comic situation and fun begins.

Honsla Rakh 2021 Romantic Comedy Punjabi Movie Review

Honsla Rakh Movie Review

A loveable, rooted, desi, punjabi young man, who’s a single father with a seven year old boy attempts to find love again in Honsla Rakh

Qismat 2 2021 Romantic Punjabi Movie Review

Qismat 2 Movie Review

Qismat 2 is a 2021 Indian Punjabi-language romantic drama film written and directed by Jagdeep Sidhu

Puaada 2021 Romance Punjabi Movie Review

Puaada Movie Review

A farmer and the mesmerizing girl next door find the path to true love anything but smooth. Click here to read full movie review.



Date of Release: 14 February 2020 Genre: Romance Language: Punjabi SUFNA RATING On Sundays I usually give two reviews but aaj bore ho raha tha, so sorry about that. I also felt I was getting repetitive with reviewing movies from the South. Make no mistake, they are still brilliant and it is just that I …

Sufna Read More »

Qismat 2018 Romance Punjabi Movie Review

Qismat Movie Review

Shivjit and Bani pretend to be in a relationship to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. However, things take a turn when they both fall in love with each other.

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