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TVF Pitchers Season 2 2022 Comedy Hindi Series Review

TVF Pitchers (Season 2) Review – The Best TVF Outing Of The Year!

TVF Pitchers (Season 2) Review- Watch on Zee5. When an investor deal falls through, Naveen decides to pivot their company. Employees resign, their product fails, and personal relationships go through several tests. Will the Pitchers survive?

Kochaal 2022 Comedy Thriller Malayalam Movie Review

Kochaal Movie Review – A Generic But Good Murder Mystery!

Kochaal Movie Review- Watch on Zee5 Premium. Sreekuttan is irked and belittled by his townsfolk mockingly calling him Kochaal due to his short stature. His ambition is to become a police officer and decides to prove himself in uniform. Will his dream come true ?

Country Mafia 2022 Crime Hindi Series Review

Country Mafia Series Review – Another Stalemate From Zee5

Country Mafia Review- Watch on Zee5. Two siblings have a dream of becoming IAS officers. But life has other plans. Watch their tale of revenge as they confront Babban, the biggest liquor baron of Bihar, for murdering their father.