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Black Comedy

kaagaz (2021) hindi movie zee5

Kaagaz (2021) Hindi Movie Review

Date of Release: 07 January 2021 Genre: Black Comedy, Drama Language: Hindi Watch On: Zee5 Kaagaz RATING Introduction Thank God it is Friday and already a week has passed of the new year 2021. Last year has been tough but it was arguably a Golden Year for Pankaj Tripathi the actor. He featured in so

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A Simple Murder

Date of Release: 20 November 2020 Genre: Black Comedy, Crime, Thriller Language: Hindi A Simple Murder RATING It is a start of another mega weekend with 6 releases out of which Bicchoo Ka Khel has already been reviewed. So lets nail down the other 5 releases shall we? And so I have just finished watching

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Date of Release: 12 November 2020 Genre: Black Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller Language: Hindi LUDO RATING Remember the time when we were kids and once addicted to board games. A couple of the earliest board games that we as kids were acquainted to were Snakes and Ladders and Ludo. While the former acted as a

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serious men review popcorn reviewss

Serious Men

Date of Release: 02 October 2020 Genre: Black Comedy, Drama Language: Hindi SERIOUS MEN RATING Ok, lets begin this review with a rant shall we? In the times that we are living in, the country has stooped to its lowest yet. There have been heinous crimes committed with acquittals and the media being a total

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