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Palan 2023 Bengali Movie Review

Palan Movie Review

Palan Movie Review- The life of an aging couple residing in an old,fragile rental changes as they a terrible mishap happens to their neighbour.

Niharika in the Mist 2023 Bengali Movie Review

Niharika in the Mist Movie Review

Niharika in the Mist Review- A woman who finally empowered herself after passing through a dark and abusive childhood .

Revisiting Rituparno Ghosh’s Dosar

Revisiting Rituparno Ghosh’s Dosar- The film deals with the issue intensely, and never disappoints at any point. There are ways to look at Dosar. Kaushik and Mita meet in a car accident, which proves fatal for Mita.

Top International Movies of 2022

Top International Movies of 2022

Top English Movies of 2022, ranked by Popcorn Reviewss. The updated list contains Top English Movies one should must watch.

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