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The Cinematic Universe of Aparna Sen

The Cinematic Universe of Aparna Sen

The Cinematic Universe of Aparna Sen-Aparna Sen is one such glaring example in Indian film history and her work should be revisited, restored and celebrated.

Rehana Maryam Noor 2021 Hindi Movie Review

Rehana Maryam Noor Movie Review

Rehana Maryam Noor is about an assistant professor at a local medical college, finds herself in a difficult position after witnessing a sexual assault where she knows both the victim and the perpetrator.

dracula sir hoichoi popcorn reviewss

Dracula Sir Bengali Movie Review

Date of Release: 21 October 2020 Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller Language: Bengali Watch On: Hoichoi Dracula Sir RATING Right from the time I had first watched its trailer, Dracula Sir had me completely hooked. This was one movie that I wanted to watch since a very long time. Now if you have been following my …

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Tiki Taka (2020) Bengali Movie Review

Set in Lucknow in the year 1981, Raid is the story of the longest raid by the income tax department ever! Click here to read full movie review.

Nirontor (The Prologue) 2020 Bengali Movie Review

Nirontor (The Prologue) Movie Review

Biplab, an engineer, and Bhaskar, his assistant, travel to a remote area with no network for work purposes. They soon strike an unlikely friendship, despite their contrasting personalities.

Nagarkirtan 2017 Bengali Movie Review

Nagarkirtan Movie Review

The film stars Riddhi Sen as Parimal, a trans woman from rural Bengal, and Ritwick Chakraborty as Madhu, a flute player from the Kirtaniya town of Nabadwip.