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About Us


Popcorn Reviewss brings to you a balance of reviews between mainstream cinema and cinema which is not mainstream. So you will find reviews of movies and series from all over the world without any restriction on movies or series based language or genre. Our main objective is to carefully create a community of cinephiles by capturing the latest new releases out for consuming or some of the lesser known works that require a voice. Either way, we would like to encourage readers to watch as many films and series as they can(preferably with a tub of popcorn)!


We would like to spread our love for cinema through any medium – be it reviews, blogs or podcasts. If you are reading this, welcome to the Popcorn Community and let us serve you content of the best(and worst) of cinema.

Our Team

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
(Editor-in-Chief, Content Creator, Social Media Manager)
Harsh Doshi
(Developer - Front end and Backend , Designer)
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