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Gullak (Season 1)

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It has indeed been a mega weekend. As many as 6 new releases have been reviewed and put up. If you have enjoyed reading them, please like, comment and spread the love. And remember to follow Popcorn Reviewss on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! And before I sign off for the weekend, I thought of reviewing another web series, Gullak. It had a staggering indb rating of 9.1 which made me watch it, is it worth your time. Lets find out..

Gullak is an accumulation of many incidents that take place in a normal household. As emphasized at the very beginning, these aren’t stories but small incidents pieced together in this webseries. The screenplay is relatable and breezy. You almost connect with every character which has been the strongest point of any content released by TVF (be it Pitchers, Cubicles, Panchayat or Kota Factory). And so you smile, laugh and basically have a great time watching it. The dialogues filled with witty one liners make you smile and laugh throughout. The music blends well with the drama. Director Amrit Raj Gupta has done a great job making sure that the events and incidents are relatable thereby successfully absorbing the audience in the drama.

The performances in TVF series in the past have always been outstanding and Gullak is no different. Harsh Mayar as Aman is first rate as the youngest member in the family. Vaibhav Raj Gupta (last seen in Ascharyachakit on Netflix) as Annu, the elder sibling has great screen presence and performs well in both comic and emotional scenes. Jameel Khan as the father in the family is yet again outstanding and he often tickles your funny bone! But my favourite character is that of the mother essayed by Geetanjali Kulkarni who is awesome. Such a well etched out character and her performance is one to watch out for!

Standing at 5 episodes of around 20 minutes each, Gullak is yet again an outstanding watch. It has a relatable story that will make you smile and laugh and end the weekend with that warm fuzzy feeling! Available on Sony Liv(for free) and Highly Recommended!