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Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya 2019 Telugu Movie Review

Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya

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Agent Sai Sreenivas Athreya wakes up in the middle of the night to a personal tragedy, the death of his mother. He goes home to Nellore from his college in Bhopal, only to see his mother has already been cremated by his uncle. 3 years later, he now becomes a detective in Nellore, setting up FBI (Fathima Bureau of Investigation). His assistant Sneha helps him in cases. Athreya is mostly involved in solving petty cases. One day his writer friend Sirish informs him of an unidentified body in Venkatachalam. When he goes there, the police arrest him on suspicion of murder. In jail that night, Athreya meets a man who acknowledges himself as Maruthi Rao and tells him the story of his daughter Divya, who went missing after going to Ongole. He gives him 3 phone numbers of three people who were the last who had contacted Divya before she was supposedly murdered. Ajay, Harsha, and Vasudha. Athreya and Sneha, upon investigation based on the phone numbers, confirm that Ajay and Harsha were in Ongole the day Divya was murdered, while Vasudha cannot be traced. They follow them both all day, who go to a car rental agency, mortuary, and railroad. At the end of the day, Athreya recognizes Divya somewhere along a highway, who doesn’t speak Telugu, ignoring him. Upon checking at the police station at Nellore, they find that no Maruti Rao was transferred from the rural station in the last three days. Upon checking at the rural station, they find that the person who had called himself Maruti Rao is actually Gopalam. Further inquiry with the station in Ongole reveals that on the day that Divya was claimed to be dead, the body found was male. Later, at a Dhaba, Athreya discovers Ajay was brutally murdered and he is promptly arrested as the prime suspect.

Athreya gets out on bail due to CCTV Footage evidence that he was in Venkatachalam asking for Maruthi Rao, but he only has five more days to prove his innocence due to the overwhelming evidence against him. While Agent and Sneha investigate for clues at Harsha’s house, someone tries to kill Athreya. He explains his theory to the police of the Nellore rural station, and it’s discovered that Harsha wanted the details of Athreya after he saw him being arrested in Venkatachalam. Meanwhile, a father registers a complaint about his missing daughter, and the missing daughter is Vasudha who turns out to be dead. Athreya then catches Bobby who has been following Agent around, however, Bobby is a detective like him fed with false information that Athreya is the real murderer. Athreya figures out that there is a huge conspiracy, and sees that various bodies have been dumped next to the railway track between Kakinada and Tada railway stations. He deduces that the bodies are being loaded using a goods train. Using this information, he sees that the bodies are loaded into the goods train at Arambakkam in Tamil Nadu. With the help of a police officer, Bobby, and Sneha, he goes to Arambakkam after faking his death to mislead the people following him. In Arambakkam he catches Gopalam, who reveals the whole plot: someone has been taking dead bodies from Hindu families on the pretext that they are taking the bodies to Kashi, a holy place to cremate the dead, for money, and then dump them next to railroads. He also finds out that his mom’s body has been dumped like this too since his uncle sent his mom’s body for Kashi. After an emotional breakdown, Athreya finds out that the fingerprints of the dead man in Venkatachalam actually have the same fingerprints of a murderer in Gujarat, and deduces that they are stealing the fingerprints of dead bodies as well to use them in crimes.

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