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Oh Baby 2019 Romantic Telugu Movie Review

Oh! Baby

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The film begins with a lecturer named Shekhar (Rao Ramesh) explaining about the behaviour of old people, and talks about his mother Baby (Lakshmi), working in a canteen of her own in the same college, which is co-owned by her childhood friend Pasupuleti Kanakaraj / Chanti (Rajendra Prasad). During, her young age she dreams to become a great singer, which does not come true. Right now, she aspires her grandson Rocky (Teja Sajja) to fulfill her goal. However, her relationship with her daughter-in-law Madhavi (Pragathi) does not run on good terms. Things get worse when Madhavi gets a heart attack and does not want to live with Baby. Even the doctors suggest the same. Being cognizant of it, heartbroken, Baby leaves the house and accuses God of her fate. On the way, Rocky calls her for his first music performance at an exhibition where God appears in the form of a saint (Jagapathi Babu), presents her a statue of Lord Ganesha, and says it will change her fate. Nevertheless, she finds a photo studio and enters with the hope of getting a good photograph as she would like to print a beautiful photo of hers after her death in the newspaper. The same person appears as the photographer and promises to get back her beauty, after taking the picture. Astoundingly, she turns into a 24-year-old young lady (Samantha Akkineni). Looking at it, she becomes bewildered when God appears, while praising Lord Shiva and tells her that this new life is given to fill with joy and enlightenment. Thereafter, she accommodates herself in Chanti’s house changing as Swathi, starts a new life and also teams up with her grandson Rocky and becomes a part of the band.

Meanwhile, Chanti realizes that Swathi herself is Baby and supports her at every step. Soon, Vikram (Naga Shourya), the head of the music company, likes Baby / Swathi’s voice and gives her band an opportunity. After a lot of romantic comedy, Vikram proposes to Swathi when she is completely under dichotomy. At the same time, Chanti learns that if Baby loses her blood, she again turns into an old lady. At last, the D-day finale of the competition, Rocky unfortunately meets with an accident, yet Baby participates and acquires the triumph. Immediately, Baby / Swathi rushes to the hospital leaving a letter for Vikram, convincing that to remember her acquaintance as a sweet memory and always be smiling. After reaching the hospital she finds Rocky requires AB-type blood which Baby donates, even after the refusal of Chanti and Nani and again transforms into an old lady. In the climax, it is shown God transforming Chanti into a young man (Akkineni Naga Chaitanya).

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