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Writer Padmabhushan

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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Onto the next release of the weekend and I finished watching the new Telugu film Writer Padmabhushan which is now streaming on Zee5. Telugu cinema is now known all around the globe primarily after the success of RRR. The Telugu Film Industry is a fascinating industry that does have its heart in the right place while churning out larger than life, mass masala entertainers. Yet, the side of the Telugu Industry that goes unnoticed is one wherein they do produce grounded films which are high on emotions and always find a way to connect with the viewers.

Films like Colour Photo and Oke Oka Jeevitham are a rare breed in an industry that just is the pinnacle of mass cinema in this country. Even on OTT platforms, there would be instances where certain films would slip under the radar as opposed to being discovered. So when I stumbled upon the new Telugu film Writer Padmabhushan, it gave me a nice little heartwarming vibe from it that prompted me to give it a go. I knew it would be around writing, something that I adore personally and without having an inkling about what the film is about, I decided to give it a go! So then does Writer Padmabhushan manage to impress, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Writer Padmabhushan is a budding writer who hopes to achieve greatness in his field. But soon after falling in love with a girl his fate changes. Does he attain his goals? I have put out the story here in a vague manner but the story is just so heartwarming and grounded while being light and breezy. The screenplay standing at a shade under 2 hours does make for a brisk little watch which turned out to be well worth my time.

The drama does open with the introduction of the protagonist and his love for books. There is a genuine attempt made at building the world around him. As some would know, writing is one profession that is marred with a lot of criticism with lesser returns for the amount of effort poured into it. And that is perfectly represented in the drama. You are also introduced to the principal characters around the protagonist in a drama that does ring in a sweet little vibe which is heartwarming in many ways.

The proceedings are interesting while being breezy and frothy. For those who might be expecting a predictable drama, would be mistaken. There are a fair share of twists and turns particularly at the onset of the conflict that does raise many questions. The answers to which would take time to reveal and so you need to be patient while enjoying the proceedings. The comedy does work well particularly at the instances of the depiction of love and later in the second half when a minor confusion sets in. There is a bit of a reveal about two-thirds into the drama and that did feel like a bit of a dampener with no clear reasoning to it. But this was deliberately done to stage a heartwarming and supremely relevant final act!

There is a considerable amount of buildup in the events leading up to the final act. And all the previously unanswered queries does form a major chunk of the finale. And that itself was emotional laced with unconditional love that did make me teary eyed. The final act did seem like a warm embrace that also did give me sufficient fodder to ponder about. But I did have a smile on my face with a tear in my eye thus summing up a screenplay which is heartwarming and laced with saccharine!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are funny at certain instances and heartwarming in some other instances but the core emotions of the drama are intact. The music is melodious and goes just so well with the drama. The BGM also compliments and heightens the drama really well. The cinematography is fair, you can make out that this is a low budget film. Director Shanmukha Prasanth does a commendable job in weaving a light and breezy story which is well grounded with a nice little message at the end that makes for a heartwarming watch. The director does have his heart in the right place that simply reflects perfectly onscreen in a drama that seems like a breath of fresh air.


The performances are fabulous by the ensemble cast. Praveen Katari as Padmabhushan’s friend has his moments to shine. Rohini as Saraswathi is wonderfully understated and shines so well in the final act. Gouri Priya Reddy as Kanna has a cute presence onscreen and she does a commendable job. Ashish Vidyarthi as Madhusudan is sincere and endearing in a job well done. Tina Shilparaj as Sarika is really good and she does manage to impress. Suhas is such a good actor, be it a heartbroken lover in Colour Photo or in a surprise role in Hit The 2nd Case. And he is just outstanding here as Padmabhushan, quietly charming yet very grounded in his approach that makes him really affable. I really wish he keeps getting such meaty roles that does justice to the talent that he possesses.


Writer Padmabhushan is a sweet little heartwarming tale laced with sugary emotions that will feel like a long embrace at the end. Available on Zee5 and Highly Recommended!

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