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Onto the next release of the weekend and I have finished watching the Tamil film Writer on Aha Tamil. This was one film which I had been keenly awaiting for its release on OTT. This is because right from its theatrical release in December, I had heard many good things about the film. I knew very little of what the film was going to offer except that this was a cop film. The film was finally out this week on OTT and I jumped at the opportunity to watch it. So then is Writer worth your time stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Writer follows the story of a policeman nearing his retirement who is a writer at the police department until he gets embroiled in a case which leaves him in a dilemma. The story is in the zone of films like Visaranai or even Nayattu where the police brutality was shown with utmost force. And this is yet again a powerful and hard-hitting story. The screenplay here might stand at a daunting 150 minutes but there is never a dull moment. You are into the drama right from the first scene where you are given a glimpse into how the police department functions. And this includes lesser pays or longer working hours or even some social elements that may have seeped into the system. This is all a part of a longish buildup until the main plot begins. Once the main plot starts, you are introduced to the victim and his background. And the mystery behind his arrest is held back but you definitely get a feeling that something is fishy. As the plot moves ahead, the mystery thickens until the grand reveal which was predictable but equally brutal. In between some police brutality scenes just send shivers down your spine. How the system ultimately works and the final outcome of the drama is nicely packaged in this screenplay that ends on a gut wrenching end. Quite a brilliant screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are conversational but hard-hitting too. The message at the end is quite nicely summed up in a couple of impactful lines. The music is average and the BGM slightly loud. Where the film falls a little short is the production design where low quality images despite some good cinematography. The editing could have been sharper. In his debut outing, Director Franklin Jacob has done an astounding job. He seemed to be in control throughout and he was able to hold the attention of the audience throughout. An excellent job done.


The performances are excellent. Aditi Anand and in particular Ineya shine brilliantly in an otherwise a male dominated universe. G M Sundar is excellent as the lawyer. Kumareson and Hari Krishnan are outstanding in their respective roles. Dileepa as Arivazhagan is first rate. Subramaniam Siva as Xavier is an endearing character that you soon start feeling sorry for. But the show belonged to Samuthirakani who was fantastic as Thangaraj. Representing a portion of the police force who are kind at heart yet are stuck in a dillema, he delivers a towering act. Each of his emotions are spot on and it strikes a chord with the audience. Brilliant stuff this!


Writer is a hard hitting and relevant tale which turns out to be a brilliant watch. Available on Aha Tamil and Highly Recommended!

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