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White Collar

Neha Unadkat
4.5 Star popcorn reviewss

I have been thinking to write a review for White Collar since quite sometime now. Especially after Willie Garsons demise, writing this review is the best way I can give him a tribute. White Collar is a phenomenal crime mystery series with just 6 seasons. It’s a perfect binge watch and I promise you won’t be able to stop thinking about it.

White Collar has an exceptional storyline of a multi talented con artist Neal Caffrey finally being caught by the FBI agent Peter Burke after a 3 years chase and how Neal helps Peter and his team to catch other dangerous criminals in the city with Neal being under work release program and an ankle monitor supervised by Peter. In everything Neal does, Mozzie has Neal’s back as his best friend and brother from another mother. Though Neal Caffrey is the biggest con artist, Mozzie is Jack of all trades and is a better people’s person. As Neal helps Peter and his team to catch some most wanted criminal minds and counterfeits, Neal alters as a better human being and develops an emotional bond with Peter and his wife Elizabeth. The same is the case with Mozzie who becomes best friend of Elizabeth.

Neal eventually becomes like a son, Peter never had and for Neal as well, Peter is like a father figure. Imagine treating a con artist as a family member.. Everyday would be soo adventurous 😂. Neal has a difficult love life and doesn’t trust anyone except Mozzie. Earlier he used to run away from everything but after 5 years he starts thinking that he needs to stop and live a life with freedom. In a couple of episodes it is shown that Neal can actually do anything for Peter, Mozzie and Elizabeth. Peter and his team with agents Diana and Clinton with the help of Neal and Mozzie were the best team in entire FBI, though Mozzie was illegally working for Neal and Peter. The last episode of this series was the perfect con, such an amazing con artist like Neal Caffrey could play.

Direction & Screenplay

Though at first it might seem that this series is just about catching criminals, but trust me, it’s much more than that. The script is very well written keeping all the cases unique and mind boggling cons. Director Bronwen Hughes has splendidly made us feel a part of White Collar’s story with his direction. All the characters having their own journey and depicting a perfect plot in the series, makes this as one of the best shows I have watched. Music of the theme song and music while Neal does something fishy is amazing. There are talks of revival of this show and I hope it happens.


Though Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey and Tim Dekay as Peter Burke as the main characters of the show, my favourite one was Willie Garson as Mozzie. In all the cons and plans to catch criminals, Mozzie has played an important role. He is shown as funny, witty and a very kind person. I just loved him in White Collar. Definitely Neal Caffrey might be the most handsome con artist and there couldnt be anyone other than him who would have given justice to the role of Neal Caffrey. Tim Dekay was the best smart, angry young FBI agent. Tiffani Theissen as Elizabeth is soo pretty, understanding and a fabulous wife to workaholic Peter. Other supporting characters Hilarie Burton as Sara, Marsha Thompson as Diana and Sharif Atkins as Clinton were also amazing and had a great story throughout the series.


White Collar is beautiful enigmatic series filled with such amazing stories and fantastic dialogues. This one is surely binge watch worthy on a long weekend of even with family. If you are a fan of thriller crime series, this one should not be missed. Available on Hotstar.

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