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Money Heist (Season 4)

4.5 Star popcorn reviewss

Yess, the wait is finally over!! The last season ended on a rather precarious note and left its viewers in a dizzy. The Professor is cornered? Would he claw his way out? What about Nairobi? We all have had to wait for an entire year to find out. Well, here is Money Heist season 4. Of course it will be worth our time wont it? Lets find out!

Money Heist, Season 4, takes off from the same place where it had ended. The main thing you expect from such a series is chaos and here chaos is the juice. However, the screenplay is such that it begins on a slow note. Almost 3 episodes are spent in just buildup, you just hope you aren’t really sold down the river. But come the 4th episode, the writers change gears and the drama just takes off exponentially from that point. There is hardly a moment for you to breath and towards the end, with the Professor going vintage, we are in for one helluva treat!! The dialogues are outstanding! The background music is pulsating. The direction is shared by Jesus Colmenar, Koldo Serra, Javier Quintas and Alex Rodrigo and they collectively have contributed to one of the finest directions in recent times that I have witnessed! 

The performances are outstanding to say the least. Alvaro Morte as the professor is cerebral, intellectual and once again the pick for me. Wish I had a professor in my life guiding me through. Jaime Lorente (Denver), Itziar Ituno (Raquel), Miguel Herran (Rio), Esther Acebo (Stockholm), Pedro Alonso (Berlin), Darko Peric (Helsinki) all have their moments. Enrique Arce is excellent as the annoying hostage who has been a prick since season 1. Alba Flores are Nairobi is excellent and her character might leave you a bit teary eyed. Ursula Corbero as Tokyo is the wrecker in chief as always and looks really pretty. Rodrigo De La Serna as Palermo is excellent and a welcome addition to the gang(starting season 3). All other characters are outstanding and every contributes to the screenplay. 

Money Heist is not just a web series. Yes, it is cerebral, intelligent but it is a life lesson teaches us to claw out of a difficult situation, and that you are not out till it is actually over. Always it imparts an important message of team work. Money Heist is ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED. Just made my Netflix subscription worth it! And now eagerly awaiting Season 5! 

PS : The Professor always makes you root for him and the gang!

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