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Tvf are the pioneers of webseries and webcontent in India. If you have been following their work then you know that their content is relatable, their writing has a certain freshness associated with it and basically they are doing their jobs exceptionally. This week releases another one if their works, Panchayat which in a way is outside their comfort zone(as they are known for certain shows which are urban be it Pitchers, Kota Factory, Hostel Daze, Cubicles to name a few). Is their new outing worth your time..lets find out.

Before I begin I must admit, I was on the fence after watching its trailer. I wasn’t that excited for it primarily also because Money Heist was on my priority list to be honest. Ok so here goes, Panchayat is the story of Abhishek Tripathi who after graduation gets his first job in a remote village in UP. The twist being that he is a city born millennial and the challenges that he faces forms the rest of the story. As mentioned earlier, the strongest points of tvf are their writing and their characterization. A certain sense of relatability is associated with it. Which is why this was a risk, the risk being that many of us millennials have never really worked or even stayed in a village. That said, the screenplay begins slowly(probably the writers wanted the audience to feel a disconnect with the village, same being felt by its lead) and picks up pace during the 3rd episode. Yes, this is a comedy and there are ample laugh out loud moments with a few heart warming and emotional ones interspersed between them. The dialogues are funny and quite a few cracked me up. The background score is frothy. Director Deepak Kumar Mishra( you might have seen him in as Raghu in tvf’s Roadies spoof ) is slow to begin with but quickly finds his groove and boy is his direction good!

Faisal Malik has a child like innocence and is an extremely likable character, excellent casting here. Neena Gupta is a veteran and has done an excellent job(especially in the last episode) and by the way she has impeccable comic timing! Chandan Roy as Vikas is the find of the show for me, superb acting! Raghubir Yadav is once again amazing as Pradhaanji. Jitendra Kumar(apne Jeetu bhaiya) is such a fine actor and here he shines ss Abhishek Tripathi. At times, he is calm and at times he is a fire cracker! Just hope, he keeps getting good work, such a pleasure to watch him always.

Standing at 8 episodes of almost 30 mins each, Panchayat is unique and unlike anything you have seen before and this is what makes it a great watch for this quarantine season. AVAILABLE ON AMAZON PRIME AND ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED! Another winner from T

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