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I have so many of you asking me what is it like to be a Parsi. Initially, I used to laugh it out but then it hit me that the question arose from the fact that there aren’t too many Parsis doing the rounds. And with it might come the curiosity to know about them and their culture. As a part of the legacy, many of you might know or visited Parsi cafes in the city and tried their famous bun maska(bun with a dollop of butter on it). I think it was a couple of years back when I had taken a few friends there too. This week I happened to watch Maska, on Netflix which has a fair share of the Patsi cafe and Parsis in general. Is it worth your time…lets find out.

Maska is the story of a young Parsi boy who stays with his mother, who owns a Parsi Cafe until one day he wants to become an actor and not follow his family roots! The story is not novel by any stretch of imagination. But the screenplay is treated quite well. It is breezy for the most parts and doesn’t really overburden you. But on the flip side, the drama gets a little too heavy and melodramatic for my liking towards the end. The dialogues are decent, a few of them in the typical Parsi lingo. The music and soundtrack is outstanding and something you would probably want to revisit. Director Neeraj Udhwani has done a decent job with the drama.

Boman Irani(playing himself) is a little wasted. Abhishek Banerjee(who again plays himself) as the casting director(yes he is one in real life too) is outstanding in a cameo. Shirley Sethia looks pretty but is below average in the acting department. Nikita Dutta(you might remember her from Kabir Singh) is quite good and the one to watch out for in the future. Javed Jaffrey is good but the Parsi dialect goes for a toss. Manisha Koirala is a treat to watch though she again doesn’t nail the Parsi accent(something Shabana Azmi did effortlessly in the short film Auntyji, Recommended). Prit Kamani is decent but still can do better. Also one complain of the Parsi characters talking to each other in Hindi for some odd reason. That is indeed a little tough to believe. The makers could have gone all out and made them speak in Gujarati since this was to be a digital movie all along.

On the whole, Maska is as soft as the bun at the Cafe but could have done a bit with more butter😊. Nevertheless, it is a good watch and won’t disappoint you!

PS : This quarantine season, Majaama Re Tu Majaama!