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College Romance (Season 2)

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As they say, our college days are the best days of our lives. It is like a honeymoon period in life where there are no responsibilities, and you just need to study and live life to the fullest. College is also a place where you make friends for life. Some of my best friends till date are from engineering college, even now when we meet it is an absolute joyride. Another Friday and I have just finished watching the second season of College Romance on SonyLiv. With TVF heading it, you know you are in on a nostalgic ride. So is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

In the second season, College Romance reunites the gang from the first season, this time with different conflicts of love. The story will appeal to the Gen Y, but what the heck I enjoyed it too. The screenplay is a bit slow to begin with though it has only five episodes. You are slowly reintroduced into their world. And by the second episode you are all in! The drama(some of it) is nostalgic too. The banter in the group which is in a way integral to keep the group together, is excellently portrayed here. But it is not only fun and games. The screenplay tackles with subjects on heartbreaks, pranks and that everlasting friendship that do take you on a nostalgic ride. There are a few hiccups, like the writing at times is a little inconsistent and far fetched which is generally unlike TVF, but those parts are individually entertaining as well.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are filled with expletives but the way they are written, you can’t help but let out a chuckle. The expletives did not feel out of place here. I was yet again impressed with the music. It again gels well with the drama. Director Apoorva Singh Karki has done an outstanding job with the direction. His target audience is the youth, and he caters to them pretty well.


Nupur Nagpal as Dhatrapriya has done such a good job in a cameo. She is so cute and you can’t help but take notice of her instantly. Shreya Mehta as Deepika, the snooty girl with a heart of gold is outstanding. You may not like her at first but she has ways of charming you over. Keshav Sadhna as Karan has all the making of a mainstream lead. He has a towering personality onscreen and does a fine job here. Manjot Singh as Trippy is also excellent, a character which is tailor made for him. Apoorva Arora as Naira really is one of the best actors on the show. She adds a lot of depth to her character and she emotes just so beautifully. Gagan Arora as Bagga is my favourite character. The foul mouthed college stud who can literally melt your heart. He is simply brilliant here.


The second season of College Romance is highly enjoyable. It will take you on a nostalgic trip wherein you could potentially