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The Sea Beast

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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It has been a while since I had last reviewed an animation film. And so I decided to pick and review the new English animation film The Sea Beast streaming on Netflix. I was in a cranky sort of a mood last night and almost needed some bright and chirpy to cheer me up. Just one of those days where something doesn’t click and you need that extra bit of sunshine to brighten up your day. That is when I thought this was a perfect opportunity to wipe off this animation film from my watchlist while hoping he film will be worth it. On reading a bit about its director Chris Williams, he had earlier directed two animation films Big Hero 6 and Moana under the Disney banner only to branch out independently with The Sea Beast. So you know the man has inherited the Disney vibe although The Sea Beast doesn’t fall under their banner. So then is The Sea Beast worth your time, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

The Sea Beast follows the story of a raging war between the humans and the sea beasts until a little girl befriends one of the creatures. The story is heartfelt and heartwarming. But you also get vibes of the Disney film How To Train Your Dragon which pretty much had the same concept. The screenplay standing at under 2 hours is absolutely perfect for an animation film which allows you ample time to invest in the drama.

The screenplay opens with an almost folklore where the people of the town are told about how the sea beasts have been attacking their ancestors. Soon there is an elaborate yet thrilling action sequence in the waters where a group of humans called the hunters try to capture and kill one of the beasts. This elaborate sequence is enough to hold your attention. Soon you are introduced to all the main players including Red the prized Sea Beast with a vibe that felt like a typical Disney film!

The screenplay really scores in some of the heartwarming moments which felt like a long tight hug. It did help to an extent given that I was feeling low and it gave me that warmth that everything will turn out to be fine. The dynamics between the little girl, the protagonist and the beast form some of the warmest moments of the drama. It does help when you are emotionally invested in the characters and the equations which they share with one another. One of the most heart touching scenes feature the little girl removing the bows/axes from he sea beast while it takes them to shore. Boy did my eyes swell up in that scene!

The drama is almost entirely predictable and there are almost no shock values. But despite that if you are wholeheartedly invested then the writers need to be applauded. The finale act is again your typical Disney ending where everything turns out to be fine but here you could also equate to the current day scenario and the conflict which is present in our society, something which metaphorically conveys the right message in the film. And is it even an animation film if it doesn’t embraces you with warmth with a tear in your eye! A beautifully penned screenplay although fairly predictable.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are beautifully penned with gems which will deftly touch the strings of your heart. The music and BGM are grand and beautifully blend with the drama. The animation is probably the best I have seen in ages. This could well have been a film to be enjoyed on the Big Screen with some breathtaking visuals and VFX which was just fabulous to witness. Director Chris Williams does an excellent job in weaving a heartfelt tale with a heartwarming message which is relevant for animals and other humans. He is able able to hold your attention throughout keeping his Disney culture within him alive!


The voiceovers are just outstanding. Marianne Jean-Baptise as the voice of Sarah is excellent as is Jim Carter as the King and Emily O’Brien as the Queen. Zaris-Angel Hator as Maisie lends a heartwarming voice which will definitely leave a mark. Jared Haris as the voice of Captain Crow is fabulous. Karl Urban as the voice of Jacob is excellent as well!


The Sea Beast felt like a long warm hug, a film which successfully transports you to a magical land of the Beasts and Humans. Available on Netflix and Highly Recommended!

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