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The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

Neha Unadkat
3 Star popcorn reviewss

With Christmas around the corner quite a few of us like to watch Christmas themed movies. I am a person who believes that Christmas brings a lot of positivity around and has a very charismatic aura. I like to see a lot of such movies and especially this time of the year is when quite a few movies are released with the aim to make us start with the Christmas vibes. One such movie is the princess switch sequels. I did like Princess switch 1 and continued to watch it’s sequels almost every year. This year we have Princess Switch 3: Romancing with the Star. Let’s see if it keeps the tradition alive of Christmas and if it’s better than the prequels or not.

The story starts with Lady Margaret of Montenaro and Princess Stacy of Belgravia celebrating Christmas together with a star of peace relic symbolising love and peace around the world. This relic holds a lot of importance and there hasn’t been any scenario in the past that the star of peace has been successfully portrayed by any king or queen. With utmost importance and understanding the responsibility, lady Margaret and Princess Stacy decide to add this star of peace at the top of the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, the star of peace is stolen the next day it arrives the palace and their starts the drama. Even with top notch security, the sacred relic being stolen is kind of a shame on the royal families. Lady Margaret and Princess Stacy decides to get assistance from Fiona who is currently working as a custodian in an orphanage, for helping them get the star of peace. 

For all the people who have followed princess switch sequels knows Fiona quite well. All those who haven’t followed, Fiona is a distant devil cousin of lady Margaret. So technically Vanessa Hudgens is in triple role here as well. In the previous sequel, Fiona was shown as a vicious cousin, but in this sequel Fiona becomes a good person and as her happily ever after. Fiona offers to help her sister lady Margaret and Princess Stacy in exchange for Margaret to put a good word during Fiona’s legal hearing. With lots of drama and some parts of comedy, the sequel doesn’t really give the feel like the first princess switch movie. As we have heard ” Do good to others and good will come to you” is exactly what happens with Fiona. Fiona meets her long lost love Peter and repairs relationship with her mother. Like all the other drama – romantic movies, this movie also represents, ” All’s well that ends well.”

Direction & Screenplay

Well, when we talked about the screenplay of Princess Switch 3, this one did not really engage me that well. It feels like the writers do not really have a story and they are trying the best they can to make something every year during the Christmas time to have the tradition going. I feel not every time introducing a new character in the movie can make it more interesting. This Sequel has an introduction of Peter Maxwell-the lost love of Fiona and a private detective and Hunter Cunard – obsessed with stealing priceless sacred items for his personal collection. As far as the direction goes, I could see a lot of gaps but commendable job again to portray triple role of Vanessa Hudgens.


Hats off to Vanessa Hudgens for trying to pull off three different roles with such drastically opposite personalities. Sam Palladio as Edward Wyndham, Prince of Belgravia and Stacy’s Husband is one of my favourite characters in all sequels, but he doesn’t really get any chance to showcase his talent. He definitely is shown as the right person at the right time kind of guy. Remy Hii as Peter Maxwell had a good dialogue delivery and I did admire him from movie- Crazy Rich Asians. Nick Sagar as Kevin Richards had less words and screen time than last sequel which was kind of disappointing.


If you wish to start getting some Christmas Vibes do surf Netflix and watch princess switch 3. Definitely help if you have seen the prequels as well just to connect the dots. Let’s wait next year for more drama from Princess Switch 4.

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