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The Lost Daughter

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Before the year ended, it was Netflix who yet again threw in another potential draw in the Best Motion Picture Category at the Academy Awards. Yes, this weekend with almost no new Indian content to showcase, we decided to go International and I finished watching The Lost Daughter on Netflix. The film that had earlier premiered in the Venice film festival had garnered a positive response from majority of the critics. The film finally found its way to the OTT space this weekend and we are ready with our review. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

The Lost Daughter follows the story of a middle aged woman on a holiday who begins to relive her motherhood days after observing a woman and her daughter. The story is a slow burner and has this immersive feeling to it. It is a very different storytelling technique simply because you go in expecting a sort of a thriller to unfold considering the title but here you get a psychological drama that almost unwittingly unfolds. The screenplay takes its time to unfold. The proceedings are textured and nuanced and so you do not know about the main protagonist up until a series of frequent flashbacks. This is a sort of a film that should just be felt and without trying to make too much sense of it too early. As some of you would know, Motherhood is a full time job which requires patience and a lot of sacrifices. And the screenplay paints a harsh picture of that. Which beings me to the last scene that would leave many cinephiles perplexed and something that could draw discussions. I won’t be revealing any spoilers here but it is definitely open to interpretation and it relies on the intelligence of the audience. Overall, an extremely immersive movie watching experience in a very cerebral drama that will keep you invested throughout.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are conversational and quite engaging. The film again relies on symbolisms which need to paid attention to. The BGM is beautiful and adds an element of mystery to the drama. The cinematography paints an authentic picture of the mind of the protagonist. The constant shaky camera is aptly able to show the inner turmoils effectively. Director Maggie Gyllenhall does a fabulous job here transporting the viewer in quite an immersive experience. The slow nature of the drama adds that texture to it, allowing the viewer to form his own opinion as well. Excellent direction.


The performances are top notch yet again. Ed Harris as Lyle is first rate. Dakota Johnson as Nina looks stunning and does a stunning job as well. Jessie Buckley as Young Leda is fabulous and she shows her vulnerable side with a lot of grace. But it is Olivia Colman as Leda who deserves an Oscar for this towering performance that balances charm with inner turmoil. Such a towering act in a memorable acting masterclass! She is the glue that holds the drama together. Excellent acting!


The Lost Daughter is a brilliant immersive movie watching experience that lingers on after the film has ended. Available on Netflix and Highly Recommended.

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