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Maja Ma 2022 Comedy Hindi Movie Review

Maja Ma Movie Review – A Different And A Heartfelt Family Drama!

Maja Ma Movie Review- Watch on Prime Video. A rumor about Pallavi Patel, a quintessential, middle aged, devoted housewife who is famous for her dance and cooking, threatens to disrupt her middle-class family’s ethos, on the eve of her son Tejas’ engagement with a rich, NRI girl.

Law (2020) Kannada Movie Re

Date of Release: 17 July 2020 Genre: Drama Thriller Language: Kannada Watch On: Amazon Prime LAW RATING Perhaps now, we are looking at the new normal, new releases each week on an OTT platform. And with huge releases coming up in the upcoming weeks, we are in for a treat. Keeping up with the tradition …

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Khayali Pulao(2020)

Date of Release: 9 July 2020 Genre: Drama Language: Hindi Watch On: YouTube Khayali Pulao RATING Watching two webseries in a single weekend has definitely taken some toll on me. This is definitely in respect to time, as it hasn’t left me enough time for another movie, leave alone another web series. So, I decided …

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Bulbbul (2020) Movie Review

Date of Release: 24 June 2020 Genre: Fantasy Horror Language: Hindi Watch On: Netflix Bulbbul RATING We have a new midweek release and here I am with my review. Horror is a difficult genre to crack and you know the movie that you are watching is an ambitious one when it introduces a new genre, …

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Penguin (2020) Movie Review

Date of Release: 19 June 2020 Genre: Suspense Thriller Language: Tamil Watch On: Amazon Prime Penguin RATING It has been such an emotionally draining week. The pathos that began on Sunday continues to linger in everyone’s hearts. Yet, as they say life goes on and so here we are on another Friday with another early …

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Kadakh (2020) Movie Review

Date of Release: 19 June 2020 Genre: Comedy Crime Thriller Language: Hindi Watch On: SonyLiv Kadakh RATING It has been three long months of isolation and no venturing out. I can’t even remember the last time I have stepped out for a movie or a party. Speaking of parties, the best kinds are the house …

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