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Bodies Bodies Bodies

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
2.5 Star popcorn reviewss


One of my guilty pleasures from the 90s and early 2000s was the classic slasher genre. It all started when I happened to watch I Know What You Did Last Summer on Star Movies that made me fall in love with the genre. The idea of a masked killer or a pulpy murder mystery was far too exciting to look away. And so my journey began with the slasher genre and since then and every now and then I enjoy watching the ones from the genre. Off late though there had been a scarcity in the genre. But with the launch of the film X, the slasher genre was reborn. And I had absolutely loved X with its fast paced narration and the classic setup for a “killer” of a film. So when another film in the genre Bodies Bodies Bodies began to get some rave reviews, I was naturally excited. The film did premiere on digital over the weekend and amidst some massive expectations, I went into the film. And with that I finished watching Bodies Bodies Bodies, is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Bodies Bodies Bodies follows the story of a group of friends who do play a card game of one of them being a killer until the bodies start piling up. The story is instantaneously interesting and it was reminiscent of the card game Mafia which I really enjoyed playing. A very recent game “Among Us” also was on a similar theme. But to weave a slasher story around it did seem like an interesting idea. But the screenplay is a bit of a letdown. Standing at a shade above 90 minutes does ensure that it is a brisk watch but it is twisted and uneventful at the same time.

The drama has a longer than required prelude of about 20 odd minutes before the actual event(read : the first killing) does take place. In films like these when the audience enters the film, you do not want to spend a lot of time on the buildup and character dynamics. That does take the excitement out of the drama instantly. It was a rather weak opening to a slasher film.

The game which the characters play, does set the ball rolling nicely for the things to follow. The setup is interesting wherein a body of a friend with his throat slit is found. This until all the characters panic and begin to doubt one another. But this interesting premise is short lived as the events leading up to the other killings are uneventful and uninspiring(no puns intended). There are so many sequences which could have been executed better by building on the tension which was created in the drama. But the insipid writing ensures that you are constantly distracted.

The drama never really rises above the script. A whodunnit should ideally have the audiences playing the guessing game on who the culprit is. But the excitement is lacking here as you just go through the motions as all the friends are bumped off one by one. The final act does spring a surprise with a clever little twist at the end which then has elements of dark humour to it. But till then it is too little too late in what is just about an average screenplay in an otherwise interesting setup.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are corny which is kind of half expected in films of this genre. The BGM is pulsating and adds a nice little dimension to the drama. The cinematography and editing are adequate, nothing really to shout about. Director Hailna Reijn does a decent job here although at no point did I feel any sort of excitement in the drama. The execution could have been a lot better at almost every sequence in the film.


The performances are quite good here. Pete Davidson as David and Lee Pace as Greg have their moments to shine. Myha’la Herrold as Jordan and Chase Sui Wonders as Emma are first rate. Rachel Sennott as Alice is good as well. Amanda Stenberg as Sophie and Maria Bakalova as Bee are pretty good too although I did expect a little more depth to their characters.


Bodies Bodies Bodies is a messy and lame ode to the 90s slasher genre.

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