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Sweet Magnolias

Neha Unadkat
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss

Unveiling the tragedy at the end of season 1, our sweet Magnolias are finally back. From the first episode itself we have alot to catch up with this girls and shocking revelations from the start doesn’t make it easy. We are hooked up from the first episode of season 2 itself and for me it was again a binge worthy season. Let’s see what it’s all about!!

This season tied alot of loose ends and created some mystery for season 3 as well. With all the children safe and sound, I took a sigh of relief for that atleast. The life of every individual goes through a lot of ups and downs and in this season as well almost all the characters have portrayed their life stories. The Magnolias had me in the dialogue where , Helen asks Maddie – “Do the storms ever stop?” & Maddie responds very positively – “No, but neither do the rainbows.” These three girls are really sweet, kind to others and fierce when they see something wrong happening around them. They have a lovely way of apologizing to each other as well. I was happy to see more of Issac as well this season. No matter what issue it is, there is nothing that can’t be solved over Margaritas for them. They lift each other in difficult times, support one another in their success and are each other’s life coaches. What else do we need for a perfect life, isn’t it?

Direction & Screenplay

This season I would say is the season of revelations. The writers have tried to to connect a lot of stories in every episode full stop that being said I am not disappointed with the direction. Though couple of times I was wondering what is going on, but I’m sure those things would be needed for the next season as well. I must say, couple of witty punch lines are just fabulous and completely new.


Heather Hedley as Helen is one of my favourite characters. Her strong, optimistic & polite nature suits her perfectly. And she does complete justice to it as well. Brooke Elliott as Dana Sue is the chef i really need in my life. She doesn’t let her personal life reflect on her face and is always there to hear out anyone else. Joanna Swisher as Maddie has to deal with soo many children of her husband. After this season I was like, please there should be no more children of Bill Townsend. Logan Allen as Kyle and Carson Rowland as Tyler had great scripts and are beautiful to watch on screen. Anneliese Judge as Annie, Chris Medlen as Isaac, Dion Johnstone as Erik and Justin Bruening as Cal do share significant on screen time which is worth it.


This season is a binge worthy season of revelations. Not so serene town of Serenity will surely make you smile with some friendship goals and inspirations!! Waiting for the next season already.

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