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Sweet Magnolias

Neha Unadkat
4 Star popcorn reviewss

We all have a couple of friends who are just a call away and with whom we can share anything and everything. They are there for us in rain or shine to give a little push needed in life and help celebrate little things in life million times better. Here is one such story!!

Sweet Magnolias is one such fantastic, sweet light-hearted series of three beautiful childhood friends. Maddie is a housewife, Dana is a chef who runs her own restaurant and Helen is a lawyer. This three best friends are from a fictional town of Serenity, South Carolina. The story starts with Maddie’s marriage life tearing down with divorce from her husband. As she has to now take care of her 3 children, Diana and Helen wanted to make her feel independent and distract her from life’s struggles. They pitch an amazing idea to turn one of their favourite childhood places of the town into a spa to Maddie. Maddie can be the manager and marketing head there whereas Helen can take care of the legal issues and Diana can cater the place.

I love the way each and every friends personality has been portrayed in a different way. Maddy is a sweet innocent girl who always wanted to get married and settle down in life, watch after her children, have grand kids and slay through life like a pro but life had some other plans for her now. She has to take care of her three children, give them emotional strength and be an earning member of the family. Dana is one of the introvert characters in the series who struggles to keep together her restaurant, new venture with friends and relation with her daughter. She has her own vulnerabilities but she makes sure she doesn’t bother the other friends with that. Helen is a strong headed smart women who is just like a coconut; strong from outside and soft from inside. Helen isn’t married nor has any children but has always loved her teenage boyfriend Ryan untill he finally left her this season. One of the best moments I have seen in this series is that Maddie, Dana and Helen sit together every weekend pouring out the thoughts in head and having some fun times. The story is filled with fun, drama and romance.


I love the way the story has been put up. All the components which we would like to see in a series such as fun, laughter, emotions, romance, drama, etc. are in just the right amount. The entire story line has a muddled feelings. This series is based on 2005 book by Sherryl Woods. This series depicts that no matter what you go through, you always know there is a friend to hear you out. I was actually petrified as to how the season ended and desperately waiting for the second season to come next year.


JoAnna Garcia Swisher as Maddie represents true soul of her character. Brooke Elliot as Dana is one of my favourite characters in this series. May be because I can relate to her more. Heather Hedley wears multiple hats in real life, but in this series as Helen she is like a lively carefree individual who is sensitive as well as strong enough to knock some heads if needed. Other supporting characters such has Justin Bruening as Cal, a coach for Maddie’s son and Maddie’s current boyfriend steals my attention on screen. One other mention is of Dion Johnstone as Erik who is a sous chef for Dana and a very good friend. I though feel he might have some mysterious story in the coming season.


Sweet magnolias is a perfect recipe of binge worthy series for a girl’s nightout. Watching it together with a group of friends will truly bring out the beautiful memories you have lived through and if you’re watching alone I am sure you will call one or two friends just say, ” Hey, I miss you!!”

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