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Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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The genre that was newly invented probably because horror as a genre has turned into an unintentional comedy of sorts. For Bollywood, this is still quite an untapped genre with only a handful of films being made (Bhool Bhulaiya, Golmaal Again). This week releases Stree which is the new entrant in this genre. The trailers looked promising, does the film score….lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Stree is based on a ‘ridiculously’ true phenomenon of a small town haunted by a ‘Stree'(woman) during the four days(actually nights) of pooja. The story, satirical in parts, is quite fresh and an interesting concept. The screenplay is quite well written but only falters in the insipid climax. A clear case of the writers not knowing how to end it. The build up in the first half could have been reduced adding ten crucial minutes to the climax. Also, the proceedings get repetitive. But not to say that the screenplay is bad, it is quite well written. The dialogues packed with hilarious one liners, are the highlight of the film. Music is quite peppy. First time director, Amar Kaushik does a good job with the genre, never allowing either comedy or horror to overpower the proceedings which would have been disastrous!


Shraddha Kapoor has never looked so pretty and does a fair job as the mysterious girl. Abhishek Banerjee(who incidently is a casting director) is fantastic. Aparshakti Khurana gets few of the best lines and his execution is near perfect. The versatile Pankaj Tripathi is absolutely hilarious and you can’t stop laughing while he is on screen. And then there is Rajkumarr Rao in such a complex role and boy does he deliver in style. In a scene, he needed to appear scared while being funny and he nails that scene and how!!


On the whole, Stree true to its genre is a perfect amalgamation of comedy and horror but a better climax would have made this a cult. If you are looking to experiment this weekend, then Stree is your poison!! Go watch it!! 

PS : Love and Respect women or else…….

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