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Spiderhead 2022 SciFi Thriller English Netflix Movie Review


Neha Unadkat
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With such an intriguing title of the movie starring Chris Hemsworth, I was eager to watch this one since it’s release on Netflix. This movie is adapted from a dystopian short story “Escape from Spiderhead” by George Saunders. A short story converted to a movie, with such an amazing star cast seemed promising to me. Hence, without even watching the trailer, I thought of giving it a shot without any major expectations. But I definitely was wondering, Will this movie be worth it? Will Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller duo be delightful to watch? Will it truly be a exhilarating thriller? Let’s find out…


This movie is based on spiderhead clinical trial program for incarcerated volunteers. These volunteers have the freedom to move around, do whatever they feel like the entire time in a confined space and are dedicated to drug trials. Each volunteer has a Mobipak attached on their back for drug administration and the scientist behind all this is Steve Abnesti (Chris Hemsworth) with his assistant Mark ( Mark Paguio). These drugs re-wire the brain chemistry to make a person feel overly joyed, physical and psychological pain, desire of love, etc. While the story caught my attention in just 30 mins, I was eagerly waiting to how this movie turns out to be.

Everyday the volunteers would go through test runs for the drug and after significant amount of trails, Steve and Mark would draw conclusions as to which drug is showing positive results. There were some drugs which are very dangerous and would make a person feel vulnerable to such an extent that they would kill themselves while there were some drugs which would make the opposite person soo attractive that one would desparately want to sleep with them.Out of all the drugs administered to volunteers, I wish we had availability of the laughter drug at least. No matter how serious the topic is or the situation is, we can laugh it out loud. Isn’t that fascinating?

Two of the inmates, Jeff(Miles Teller) and Lizzy (Jurnee Smollett) fall in love with each other over the trial. During trial runs for one drug named Darkenfloxx, Jeff denied it’s administration and later seeing others under Darkenfloxx’s influence discovered Steve’s motive and the real truth behind all these drug trials. Frankly, after the first 45 minutes, I kind off predicted what the storyline would be. As the movie proceed towards the end, it more felt like a love story rather than Sci-Fi thriller.

Direction & Screenplay

This movie definitely has a unique story, but it’s also slow paced one for me. Having said that, I truly applaud the directors for capturing the various emotions of inmates while the drugs were administered. Few moments are sooo good that it literally felt surreal. Predictable storyline, the love story angel were the drawbacks. The gist of the story is soo good, yet to me it wasn’t explored to it’s highest potential. May be it should have been a bit well written. Undoubtedly this movie has mixed reviews amongst individuals. The background music was quite catch, keeping me attentive throughout the movie.


Chris Hemsworth as always did phenomenal acting with his quirky nature. He definitely has his own charming way to make camera love him. I have not seen alot of Miles Teller movie, but I liked the way he was able to showcase different phases of human behaviour with all that weird drugs and brain chemistry. His face just tells it all. Jurnee Smollett as Lizzy, I felt had less words to say but the impact on screen was good.


Spiderhead might make a web in your brain as well, but if you like to watch a new content and doesn’t matter if it’s slow paced, definitely check this movie.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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