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One of the most fascinating and intriguing tale from the Royal Family was that of Princess Diana. Right from here marriage to Prince Charles to the tiff in their relationship and ultimately to her untimely demise, each episode of her life is quite intriguing. So when I noticed that a movie based on a particular episode of her life was out, naturally I was interested. And so I finished watching Spencer, a film that is a fictional account of the trauma that Princess Diana was going through. And here are my two cents on the film.

Story & Screenplay

Spencer is a fictional account of Lady Diana who during her Christmas break is suffering from mental trauma while deciding to end her decade long marriage with Prince Charles. The story is subtely nuanced and cerebral and may I add also niche. The thing with such stories is that either you love it or you just criticize it for its pacing. Here I must say that the screenplay compliments the story pretty well. The leisurely pace works in its favour here making the drama quite textured and giving the audience a sneak peek into the mind of Lady Diana. The opening scene is cloudy and foggy as the protagonist drives her way to the destination. The atmosphere which is created paints a significant picture representing the mind of the protagonist. Clearly, the protagonist might seem prim and proper from the outside but clinically depressed from the inside. The few moments of respite are when she is with her children and her dresser. This is probably a case study of what a person potentially goes through while in depression and also gives out a reality check that even the most well off people can be depressed. The proceedings unfolds as a psychological drama.The situations created are poignant and quite textured wherein you get a glimpse of what goes behind the scenes in a Royal Household. On the downside, things do get a tad too repetitive in the middle with the same situations created over and over again. But the pre climax part is when the drama starts getting a bit murky only to end in a lot of hope. Notice the surroundings at the end. Quite a well written screenplay this.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

Since the screenplay is designed to be conversational, the dialogues needed to play a big part in engaging the audience. And they do just that. The BGM is beautiful and does its bit in transporting you to the Royal Household. The cinematography is quite enticing as you become a silent spectator in the household. Director Pablo Larrain does an excellent job in keeping the drama nuanced, subtle, cerebral and more importantly real.


The performances are excellent. While all the actors do a great job it is the performance of Kirsten Steward as Lady Diana which stands out. She has so many emotions to play with and she had to tread a fine line by internalizing her performance. She come a long way and is simply terrific in a towering act that stays with you long after the film is over. This might as well win her an Academy Award this year. Outstanding job this!


Spencer is a subtely nuanced and cerebral drama that is well worth your time.

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