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After a long and exhausting Sunday, I needed to take a short break and so I decided to push the review of the new Telugu film Skylab to Monday. And finally last night I finished watching Skylab on Sonyliv. The one thing that did fascinate me about the film was its unique concept. It was a couple of weeks back that I had watched one of the best satires of 2021(as per me) Don’t Look Up. The plot of it revolved around a group of scientists who discover a comet hitting the earth, except that no one was bothered. In Skylab, the plot seemed similar but moving in the opposite direction. That said, is Skylab worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Set in a small village in Telangana, Skylab follows the story of the fear looming among the villagers when they get to know about a satellite crashing in their village. The story is a breath of fresh air in every sense of the word. Not only is the story funny but it carries such a relevant message which holds true even today. The screenplay is also very well penned. There is a good amount of buildup here as well as there are three parallel tracks moving simultaneously. But the drama is fast paced. The fact that the drama is set in a village adds a nice little layer of comedy. The different characters border on buffoonery that is sure to make you laugh. While you are invested in the drama, there is a thin thread of the conflict which is prevalent throughout the first half. Finally when the conflict is introduced, this adds to the confusion, all of it packaged in a very entertaining drama. But the good part is that the writing was willing to punch above its weight. Soon the comedy dries out and instead what you are served is a heartwarming drama. Some of the social issues which are prevalent in our society are tackled with a lot of warmth. There are places where you are filled with emotions that force you to shed a tear. The climax bit is arousing with a lovely message at the end – it is amazing what the fear of dying can do to you. It changes your perspective beyond the shackles of caste and religion. What a beautifully woven message in a beautifully charming and moving screenplay!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues range from funny to being philosophical and imparting a beautiful message. The impact is strong in both cases. The music is heartfelt and never stalls the flow of the drama. The BGM aptly captures the mood of every scene. Director Vishvak Khanderao does a brilliant job here. Not only did he choose a quirky subject but he was able to mould it into a meaningful drama too. His grip on the narrative is outstanding and there is never a dull moment here!


The performances are excellent. Rahul Ramakrishna does a fine job. Known primarily for his comedy, he adds so much depth to his character later on in the film that gives it a nice little texture. Nithya Menen as Gowri looks so cute and she is just so affable here. What is amazing is that all the characters have a lovely character arc. Nithya does too and she just showcases her brilliant range as an actor. Satyadev Kancharana is brilliant here. He delivers a very restrained performance which could so easily have been over the top. And the range of emotions which he brings towards the backend is just amazing to watch.


Skylab is a wonderfully crafted feel good comedy which is great in concept and good in execution. Available on SonyLiv and Highly Recommended!

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