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SK Sir Ki Class

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


It is still a Thursday and only a day to go for the weekend but the new releases have started pouring in! With that I finished watching the new TVF series SK Sir Ki Class which is a spin off of the popular and successful TVF show Aspirants. Now I have absolutely enjoyed the content of TVF over the years who have consistently been churning out meaningful content which not only relatable but also insightful. The analogies presented through their shows have been a sign of some great writing. As a result, TVF has captured every age demographic perfectly.

With the onset of the concept of a universe, I always did feel that there could be a TVF Universe which could be developed into something big. And so when I did get to know about SK Sir Ki Class, a show in the Aspirants universe, I was really curious to know on how the Aspirants universe would expand. Aspirants was a show that I had immensely loved and it was almost uplifting with the manner in which it was written. Well etched out characters and some iconic frames along with some splendid writing did formulate a fascinating show. That said, does SK Sir Ki Class manage to impress, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

A spin off of the popular series Aspirants, SK Sir Ki Class follows the story of a student who is forced into pursuing UPSC by his father ends up in SK Sir’s class for his preparation. Will SK sir manage to turn him around? The story here is quite heartwarming and it hits the right kind of emotions. If anything, it is short and it really could have been fleshed out more. The screenplay standing at just 3 episodes of 20 odd to 30 odd minutes each does make for a super brisk watch but I really did wish that the series was further fleshed out into a couple more episodes.

The drama may not have a lot of novelty and it is in the same slice of life zone as most TVF Shows. Yet it is the ability of the writers to create moments and through them either entertain the audience or give them valuable insights that can act as life lessons. And SK Sir Ki Class is exactly that. It does begin on a familiar note with a young protagonist who is aimless in life and unsure on what he must do, being forced into the UPSC preparations. The sudden change of his world from all the comforts of his life to suddenly finding himself in a hustling city, did formulate a good setup to begin with.

The proceedings are engrossing and really heartfelt. There are life hacks that are sprinkled throughout the screenplay resulting in several heartwarming moments. The symbiotic relationship between the student and SK Sir is nicely measured and you can see the amount of respect that both have for one another. And a few familiar characters from the Aspirants universe do make this a nostalgic ride.

But one thing that I was missing was a little character depth. Each character could have been fleshed out a little more which would have then made the impact of the series a little more wholesome. For instance, there could have been a subplot of SK sir in his childhood facing a similar situation to that of the protagonist and probably the parallels of the two stories could have made for a better watch. I did feel that although the writing was good, it was far too simplistic which you can judge from the final episode which was rushed to pack in a lot of stuff, all at the same time. The Mahabharat reference though at the end was good as well and the concept of a metaverse also nicely integrated in the drama. So overall, the screenplay is simplistic but quite heartwarming too.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are insightful and honestly I could listen to these life lessons all day. The music is good and so is the BGM. The cinematography is top notch, the editing is pitch perfect too with that one match cut which was perfectly executed. Director Pratish Mehta(apna Pandya from Pandya Vlogs) has done a good job in expanding the Aspirants universe but also ensuring that the series is heartwarming and insightful.


The performances are excellent here by the ensemble cast. I did like how the makers did integrate the tracks of Guri and Abhilash essayed by Shivankit Parihar and Naveen Kasturia that did have a nostalgic factor and a good recall value to the Aspirants series. Badri Chavan as Raghav is wonderful to watch and we all deserve a friend like him in our lives. Venus Singh as Sujata Mam has a sweet presence onscreen in a job well done. Rajesh Jais as Charanjeet is outstanding and wonderfully restrained in his approach. Gagan Arora as Ashish is just such a good actor and his honesty and sincerity with a hint of vulnerability is reflected so well here. Abhilash Thapliyal is a brilliant actor himself and as SK Sir, he is just outstanding in such an endearing role. Every time he was onscreen, I had a smile on my face which is a testimony of what an honest actor he is. He has only grown since Aspirants with a variety of roles and his growth as an actor has been phenomenal!


SK Sir Ki Class is another heartwarming and insightful outing from TVF with my only criticism being that it was too short a series. Available on Youtube.

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