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Qismat 2

Sana Patel
4 Star popcorn reviewss

Finally the wait is over!! I have been so excited to watch this one ever since it was announced. Qismat is one of my all-time favorite romantic film, period. You can only imagine the joy when a sequel of this was announced. Unfortunately, I had to wait for its premiere on OTT platform as the film did not have a theatrical release here. Well did the film live up to my expectations? Let’s find out.


If you have seen Qismat you know what to expect. Bani and Shiv’s love story has lot of heart and soul. Qismat 2 is a roller coaster ride of love, laughter, heartbreak and companionship. This Sequel doesn’t disappoint either and gives us so much more.


The Story of Shiv and Bani begins in college. Bani is daughter of a rich Police officer whereas Shiv is a poor farmer’s son. Shiv is very good at sports but considers giving it up due to his financial condition. After an initial misunderstanding Bani and Shiv become good friends in college. Shiv develops feelings for Bani however Bani decides to give in to her parent’s desires and decides to have an arranged marriage.


Bani is today’s practical girl and understands that marriages just can’t survive on love. There are various twist and turns in this love story which sets it apart irrespective of its cliché plot which will keep us hooked. There is not one dull moment in this entire film. Since the very beginning you will be invested in their relationship. This also has soul soothing romantic songs, an extremely powerful and well written screenplay and true display of emotions and love. If you love a good romance film, this is worth your time.


They have retained the same the team from Qismat which is such a delight. Jagdeep Sindhuji’s direction is so fresh and raw. He is capable of turning a simple story into something magical. Music of this film is its highlight. Every time the background music is played, which is retained from the previous film, will give you all kinds of feel. Sargun Mehta and Ammy Virk live the character of Bani and Shiv making it extremely real and relatable. Tania in the role of Majaz Kaur was adorable and so were the other supporting cast.

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