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Phir le aaya dil,
Majboor kya kije,
Raas na aaya,
Rehna door kya kije.

Imagine yourself away from the hustles of a city, sitting in a house on a mountain with rain around, with a cup of coffee in your hand, and writing. And with it, playing this song! A Perfect setting and a perfect song!

Life is all about the choices we make. A wrong choice and at times there is no turning back. How many times have we closed the knob on people only to regret it later. This song provides you that feeling of regret and helplessness while you watch them today.

The word ‘adhuri'(incomplete) holds a special place in my heart. Some relations are best left incomplete to keep the memories intact. Each time I hear this song, the feeling of nostalgia sets in and memories begin to flutter like a little butterfly inside my head. The times and fun are all coupled in this bittersweet balm that begins to sooth even my deepest wounds.

Phir Le Aaya Dil is an ode to the heart that always feels it is incomplete, longing for that one thread that was pulled out years ago. It offers an apology to the things that might have transpired if things did not stand the way they are now. And in reminiscing the good times the heart continues to long for that someone while continuing to be hollow.

Like the wharf of a perfume that remind me of someone,
Or the picture that still resides in my phone,
Or the screenshots that were left to savour,
The song makes my heart cry while I continue to indulge in the tune, writing my heart out, on a lonely Friday Night. As the lines go… Dil keh raha,
Usse mukammal,
Kar bhi aao,
Woh jo adhuri si baat baaki hai,
Woh jo adhuri si yaad baaki hai.

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