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Pathu Thala

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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It is still a Thursday and we are just a day away from the weekend. But before that, I decided to squeeze in another quiet little review. With that, I finished watching the new Tamil film Pathu Thala which is now streaming on Amazon Prime. On digging in further, I did get to know that this film is an official adaptation of the Kannada film Mufti. Now I have absolutely no reference of that Kannada film which does make Pathu Thala a fresh film in a way. With Simbu at the helm of it and given how I had absolutely loved his previous outing Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu, I was looking forward on what this film had to offer. So then does Pathu Thala manage to impress, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

An official adaptation of the Kannada film Mufti, Pathu Thala follows the story of a cop sent undercover to expose a gangster. Will he be able to survive? The story here isn’t quite novel here but it did have the potential to tick all the boxes for a mass masala entertainer. But the screenplay standing at about 150 minutes is a bit of a mixed bag. One of the main drawbacks of the film is that it is predictable and moves at the same wavelength right throughout.

The drama does open with a thrilling sequence involving the disappearance of the CM. You are introduced to one of the protagonists after a set of random events. But almost at any given point of time, there was some salt missing in the writing although the drama is watchable. I was neither fully distracted nor was I fully invested in the drama. Another huge drawback being that this was touted as a Simbu release. But to make him enter after about an hour was actually a cardinal sin, either from the writing stand point or the marketing stand point. The writing here isn’t sharp in its world building and I feel it was confused on whether it wanted to be a political thriller or a gangster thriller, it ended up being neither.

The proceedings are alright but they seemed to be disjointed events put together in a half-baked screenplay. I really wished the writing had more focus to it because somewhere beneath its layers, there was a story waiting to be told. The flashback scenes did not contribute anything to the drama apart from adding to the length of the screenplay. And the prime idea of a cop being undercover needed that dose of excitement to go with it. But sadly, the drama continued to be flat even in its second hour.

In between, there are moments that are heartwarming and that does give a sense that the drama is grounded and rooted to reality. The grand reveal on what transpired with the CM(with a lame reason) followed by an extravagent action sequence was quite good. But I really wished that there were some solid twists and turns in the screenplay. There was an attempt in a subplot which got resolved almost immediately thus making it a lost opportunity. The end was simplistic too thus summing up the screenplay which was meh, just meh!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are decent but they fail to make a desired impact. The music too doesn’t exude of any confidence. Instead the songs do stall the flow of the drama at different junctures. The BGM also could have been so much better given that this was a mass masala entertainer. The cinematography particularly in its finale act is very good with the use of the drones to cover a gun battle. Director Obeli N Krishna had all the ingredients to make this a memorable mass masala entertainer. But he doesn’t quite deliver. The direction fails to rise above the written material which was rather unfortunate here.


The performances are alright here, nothing much to shout about. Anu Sithara as Samudra and Prita Bhavani Shankar as Leela have such sketchy characters to portray that they fail to leave a mark. Teejay as Selvin does go slightly overboard. Madhu Guruswamy as Singha is decent. Gautham Vasudev Menon as Naanjilaar is okay but he was barely there throughout its runtime. I did like the presence of Gautham Karthik who is quite good as Shaktivel. Perhaps, he could work a little more on his expressions for a better impact. Silambarasan as AGR is wonderful and his stoic presence commands your attention. Sadly, his performance comes in a rather average film that doesn’t quite deliver on what it had promised.


Pathu Thala is a mass masala entertainer that is meh, just meh! It doesn’t quite land thus making it an average affair. Available on Amazon Prime.

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