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It was the day that we now know as World Technology Day, 11th May 1998. On that day, India successfully tested their nuclear weapons right under the noses of the CIA. This week releases Parmanu(which literally translates into ‘Nuclear’) the story of Pokharan. I must admit, the trailers didn’t quite appeal to me but I still gave it a watch. Did I have a ‘blast’…. lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

The story of Parmanu is a bit dramatized for the silver screen but it still is inspiring. The screenplay is a bit slow in the first half but picks up pace in the second half. There are minor distractions in the form of side tracks(in the second half) to the main plot too which wern’t quite required. Probably, the writers ran out of material to flesh out. Still, taking nothing away from it, the screenplay does hold your attention with an excellent climax. The cinematography is good with an amazing ‘freeze shot’ in the climax. Abhishek Sharma, who last directed the forgettable ‘The Shaukeens’, finds a bit of form here though he doesn’t quite nail it.


Diana Penty looks pretty but is largely miscast. The film rests on the strong shoulders of John Abraham who has been missing from the silver screen since quite sometime. And he is decent. Also appreciate him trying out a different genre apart from Action. All other actors in supporting roles are good!


All in all, Pokharan comes at a time when Bollywood is literally striking the ball out of the part almost every week. And it is a good watch despite its flaws. I am giving the movie an additional half star for the CGI and other technical aspects. Another feather this year for Bollywood!! Go witness India becoming a Nuclear Superpower all over again on the silver screen!! 

PS : Don’t miss the mention of our beloved APJ Abdul Kalam right at the end!! The movie also will make all Engineers and Scientists associated with Operation Shakti proud.

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