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The leader of the OTT platform, Netflix has such a variety of shows. But the area where it really lacks is the Indian content. A question that you can ask yourself. What is the first OTT platform that you visit for a good Indian series or a movie. More often than not the answer will Not be Netflix. This week releases another series, Hasmukh, for the Indian audiences. Does this break the jinx….lets find out! 

Hasmukh is the story of its namesake who dreams of being a standup comic except that to keep up with his ‘feel’ before going onstage, he has to kill people. Basically, a standup comic cum serial killer. The story is a good one, quite novel and exciting. The screenplay is such that the series begins on a good note with a good premise but quickly the drama turns dull, mundane and repetitive. Standing at 10 episodes, I wonder if a few could have been ‘chopped’ off. Also, the thing with serial killer stories is that the killings should be your guilty pleasure. There should be a sense of tension throughout. Sadly, here the killings are so dull, done with the same thing(belt) in the same manner that you lose your interest and your thoughts start to wander as you go through the emotions. The dialogues are average whereas they should have been more quirky. Director Nikhil Gonsalves seems confused of what to make of the story. Should it be quirky, should it be a thriller, should it be a gritty crime drama? Sadly, it is none of the above.

Imanulhaq is quite good. Veterans like Manoj Pahwa and Ravi Kishan are all but wasted. The newcomer Deeksha Sonalkar definitely shows some spark. Suhail Nayyar is average. Ranvir Shorey for me is the pick of the actors and he brings all his experience into play when the drama is not working. Vir Das is good but you can sense him being uncomfortable with Hindi(his standups are in English generally, I recommend those). Also, to shoulder an entire webseries is not something that he may yet be ready for yet.

On the whole, Hasmukh is added to the long list of Indian shows that haven’t clicked on Netflix. It had an interesting story but its shoddy execution has lead to its downfall. Another disappointment from Netflix, please do up your game Netflix…

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