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A few of years ago, Hansal Mehta had made ‘Shahid’, a true story of a lawyer who was killed while working on a case. Also, in his early years, he was jailed where he met another terrorist, Omar Shaikh. This week’s release, Omerta, follows the story of Omar Shaikh a terrorist famous for killing the American journalist, Daniel Pearl, among many other crimes.

Story & Screenplay

Omerta is a biopic and hence the story is of little consequence. Here I must say that it does not glorify the character(and rightly so) which usually other biopics tend to do. This is brutal, raw and in your face. The screenplay is fast-paced and also plays with the timelines. The only complaint is that it does not dig dive in any of Omar’s crimes. It just scratches the surface. Having said that, there is this scene in the second half( you will know when you watch it) where the tension among the audience is palpable. The scene is gut wrenching and goes on and on. That scene has the potential to stay with you long after the movie ends. The cinematography and background score, both are excellent. Hansal Mehta the director, does a good job with this subject.


Rajkumarr Rao, back from an excellent 2017, is once again in red hot form. He is menacing in the movie and can give you nightmares. He has many accents to pull off here and he manages to do that barring the British accent which at times he falters with.


All in all, Omerta is some serious cinema meant to be watched to study crime. After watching this, you are sure to know what not to do as a person. I only wished it had dug more deeper. The movie should have been 20 mins longer and so the duration remains some sort of a weak link. 

PS : Kudos to the censor board for passing this bold movie without any cuts(at least seemed so).

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